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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
A Glorious Ending
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SHOW NOTES Episode 06-Tomorrowland Music Loop, mosey on out of the park, and WDW's Tomorrowland in postcards.

As we got off the monorail it was about 11:30 half an hour until park closing, I thought about closing out the night the way I had the previous night, listening to the Main Street pianist. As we passed the peoplemover load area I heard that the Tomorrowland background music I had heard earlier in the day, now sounded much clearer with the thinning crowds. I asked Carlene if she wanted to visit the Tomorrowland smoking area while I recorded some of the loop. She was fine with that, so I looked for where I could hear the sound most clearly. The sound was a bit clearer a good bit away from the central tower, over towards the cosmic waves fountain, this was also a good vantage point for taking some photos, so as I recorded I also took some photographs. We actually didn't begin to walk out of the park until almost a half hour after the park closing announcement, and I'm pretty sure I have the whole loop, though, of course, it is interrupted by that closing announcement.

dl05-b 196 (58K) dl05-b 197 (55K) dl05-b 198 (36K) dl05-b 199 (57K) dl05-b 200 (56K) dl05-b 201 (40K) dl05-b 202 (56K) dl05-b 203 (53K) dl05-b 204 (43K) dl05-b 205 (52K) dl05-b 206 (43K) dl05-b 207 (27K) dl05-b 208 (35K) dl05-b 209 (36K) dl05-b 210 (39K) dl05-b 211 (39K) dl05-b 212 (56K) dl05-b 213 (49K)

On the way out I walked through guest services (city hall) and, still being shutter happy, I took this photo of one of the pictures on the wall in there.

dl05-b 214 (44K)

After we passed through the park gates I saw one thing that made me wish I still had my camera out though, I saw the maintenance of way monorail ZIP by really quickly on the DCA side of the monorail track going the opposite direction of the normal flow of monorail traffic. Still, this last photo below taken as we prepared to leave the property struck me as the most fitting last shot for the report.

dl05-b 215 (51K)

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