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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
Once More Round the Park
After our dinner at the PCH grill, we walked over to the Grand Californian, and then on back to Disneyland. I had two main attractions that I knew I wanted to visit this trip that I had not yet visited. I wanted to see Disneyland: the first 50 Magical Years which is playing at the Main Street Opera House, and the Monorail. dl05-b 174 (72K) At the Entrance to the Opera house is one of those " Happiest Faces on Earth " photomosaics. The old Walt Disney story section of the opera house is filled with display cases on Walt's interest in railroads,early plans for the park, the various lands, and one of a big model of Disneyland as it existed in 1955. The portion of the opera house usually occupied by Mr. Lincoln is being used for a film presentation on the park narrated by Steve Martin (and Donald Duck). dl05-b 175 (63K) dl05-b 176 (59K) dl05-b 177 (65K) dl05-b 178 (46K) dl05-b 179 (65K) dl05-b 180 (53K) dl05-b 181 (61K) dl05-b 182 (60K) dl05-b 183 (61K) dl05-b 184 (69K) dl05-b 185 (47K) dl05-b 186 (53K) dl05-b 187 (52K)

I enjoyed the film on Disneyland, but hope that after the celebration of Disneylands 50th Mr. Lincoln will return. If I do go back to Disneyland before my annual pass expires I'll try to get photos of some of the other exhibits in the pre-film area.

dl05-b 188 (41K)

You're probably getting tired of seeing that mural by now, I think the night time shot of it on the 17th was probably the best of the ones I took of it. I think it is done in tile... if not, there is something in the style of it that reminds me of tile, which, to my way of thinking goes well with a nautical motif. If for no other reason than tile is usually found near water (like in kitchens and bathrooms).

dl05-b 189 (34K) dl05-b 190 (50K)

Our last ride of the trip was on the monorail, I also managed to get a few photos from the monorail while we were still in the station.

dl05-b 191 (31K) dl05-b 192 (43K) dl05-b 193 (57K) dl05-b 194 (56K) dl05-b 195 (39K) The photo above was taken for the guys on the DisneyMonorailToy yahoo group, one of the members of that group, , wrote that he was getting ready to begin work on a maintenance of way train, I replied with question that was a joke I said "Yes, but will it be fossil fuel powered? so that you can tow all your other trains when your batteries are dead " To which he replied " No, I don't have a working pintel hook on the front of my trains to hook to. " As soon as I read that I knew I wanted to get a photo of a pintel hook, so there it is.

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