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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
A Hit Outside the Park
I was still on my quest for postcards and this being the last day needed to wrap that up. First stop was the Disneyland hotel. I had gotten a room card there the one time I had stopped by, but, I wanted to get one for Tom and one for my third set as well. Also, I was not sure if all three towers used the same check in point and had the same card so fist we went by the Bonita tower where I snapped the first few photos of the art on the walls below. dl05-b 158 (47K) dl05-b 159 (56K) dl05-b 160 (41K) dl05-b 161 (52K)

It turned out that there is only one check in for those three towers, (Bonita, Sierra, Marina) so we headed over to the main check in where I was directed to guest services, they were quite nice and gave some to me. There were a large number of photos of Walt up and I took a few pictures of those as well.

dl05-b 162 (56K) dl05-b 163 (59K) dl05-b 164 (56K)

After that we started to walk over to the Paradise Pier Hotel, stopping to take pictures of some topiary on the way.

dl05-b 165 (54K) dl05-b 166 (72K)

At this hotel, as well, they were nice in giving me the cards I needed. They had a well stocked gift shop which had several DCA postcards that I had not found in the park. At their register there is nice artwork of the Paradise pier area at DCA (below). At the Paradise Pier Hotel we also dined. We hadn't had dinner yet so we went to the PCA Grill which is also located at the Paradise Pier Hotel. It was a very good meal Carlene particularly enjoyed her Mushroom soup. As you might suspect, with the word " Pier " in the name, the hotel has a beach theme, which, I felt, was even well reflected in the bathroom, and since it was empty when I went in, you can judge for yourself.

dl05-b 167 (64K) dl05-b 168 (30K) dl05-b 169 (37K) dl05-b 170 (42K) dl05-b 171 (54K) dl05-b 172 (33K) dl05-b 173 (23K)

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