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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
Spaces, Faces, and a few More Places

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As Carlene headed out of the park for her afternoon break. I decided to head back over to Tomorrowland and perhaps ride Space Mountain one more time this trip, making it the only attraction that I did three times (though Indiana Jones would have been if it hadn't closed the previous day). I enjoyed Disneylands Space Mountain much more than the Magic Kingdoms, so I figured while Carlene was on break this was a good time to hit it. On the way there I made a stop at the bathroom near Space Mountains exit. As I walked in I realized the music playing was the old Epcot entrance music, with instrumental versions of; One Little Spark, Magic Journeys, Listen to the Land and so forth. I noticed that the bathroom door fasteners were unusual, and I figure this is so they can easily unlatch the doors if some kid should latch the door and then crawl out through the space underneath it, since with this type of latch you could just stick a piece of paper through the crack in the door and flip the latch up.

dl05-b 132 (30K) dl05-b 135 (56K) Space (34K)

The wait sign said Space had a 90 minute wait, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that long. Besides that I stuck up a conversation with a couple of the locals in line next to me and that always helps pass the time during these longer waits. I did notice that there was a nice new background music mix made up of sci-fi sounding arrangements of songs related to Tomorrowland , though at least one of the songs (Now is the Time) never played in Disneyland's Tomorrowland, as it was only used from 1975-1994 in the Carousel of Progress after its move to the Magic Kingdom in Florida. On my previous waits for Space Mountain the line had been so short that I had not been in the part of the queue where this music played long enough to really take note of it, but hearing it now I really liked it. Once again I enjoyed riding Space Mountain, and knowing where the camera was I expressed my enjoyment for the photo. Upon leaving Space Mountain I started to head back out to Main Street, but, as I passed the peoplemover load area/ Tomorrowland smoking area, I heard music. Tomorrowland had been crowded and noisy, most of the times I had been through it over the course of the trip, also during the press event on the 15th I'm pretty sure they would have turned the music off, so those things combined are probably why I had not heard it (other than while waiting for Space Mountain) during the trip. I stopped and tried to determine the source of the music I walked all around the planters that are between the smoking area and the walkway, I was able to find areas where the music was louder, but there did not seem to be any speakers in the planter. Finally, after circling the platform I determined that The music could be heard for about 270°, leaving the Club Buzz/ Tomorrowland Terrace Stage with it's own separate music. As I started to head back to Main Street the music began to get louder at one point when I thought it should be getting quieter, only then did I realize I had been looking too low, I turned around, looked up, and saw the brown speaker boxes on the top tier of Tomorrowlands central Tower, I had been hoping to find a spot quiet enough to get a decent recording but it was clear that I would not be able to, although it was a little quieter than Tomorrowland had been most of my trip it was still not that quiet, so, I went on to Main Street. I headed over to where Johnny was playing Piano.

dl05-b 136 (82K) dl05-b 137 (63K) dl05-b 138 (55K)

After his set I headed down Main and checked out the selection of postcards at the Emporium and the souvenir stand closest to the tunnel under the train station (I had hit the one near the other tunnel earlier in the trip). As I started back up Main Street I ran into a familiar group, it was Judimouse and some of her friends, just leaving the park, as we exchanged greetings someone else walked up and wished her a happy birthday, which was reminded me to do the same! She had just had her birthday lunch at club 33 ( link to David (darkbeers) smugmug galley of the event, club 33 pictures start on the second page of his gallery). After that I caught the Dapper Dans, capturing these photos, along with both audio of most of the set, and a movie of one song.

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dl05-b 139 (81K) dl05-b 140 (80K) dl05-b 141 (55K) dl05-b 142 (47K) dl05-b 143 (53K) dl05-b 144 (86K) dl05-b 145 (60K) dl05-b 146 (107K)

a lot of photos have been taken of Disneylands castle over the years including quite a few that have made it on to postcards . I tried a hand at getting a different angle, with mixed results, judge for yourself.

dl05-b 147 (119K) dl05-b 148 (83K)

I went to check out the souvenir stand in Fantasyland , near Big Thunder Trail , it was probably the last one in the park that I had not yet checked for cards. That souvenir stand is near the closed Skyway station, which to my mind closely resembles the later built one in Florida. I went into the Village Haus Restaurant, grabbed a drink, and took a look at the decor. By this time I figured Carlene had a decent nap, so I called her up and we met back up.

dl05-b 149 (97K) dl05-b 150 (98K) dl05-b 151 (61K) dl05-b 152 (52K) dl05-b 153 (62K) dl05-b 154 (53K) dl05-b 155 (61K) dl05-b 156 (59K) dl05-b 157 (54K)

By this time I figured Carlene had a decent nap, so I called her up and we met back up.

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