June 2007

A Grand Evening

The music played during the time when the photos on this page were taken is in an episode of my podcast To open the sound file now,you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp29.mp3
SHOW NOTES Episode 29 A Grand Evening

NOTE: There is ALSO a second version of the sound file WITHOUT narration so if you just want to hear the music without my added naration, you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp29-no-naration.mp3

I headed to meet my wife at the guest drop off, taxi stand which is between the TTC and the Polynesian the idea was to meet her there and then go to the Grand Floridian , to keep her from having to go somewhere she had driven by herself, when I got there I gave her a ring to make sure she had not fallen back asleep, it turned out she had so we altered plans a bit as she was going to need some time to get up and get ready since we were going to eat too. So I let here know that I would be in the lobby and that once she got to the Grand Floridian (which she could easily find by driving the same directions as if she was coming to pick me up at the TTC and then just following the signs to the Grand Floridian) all she had to do was go into the lobby and follow the sound of the musicians. When I got there the Jazz orchestra was playing up on the second floor overlooking the lobby from thier bandstand near Mizners Lounge, as the first song they played ended they also ended thier set. I got thier times at which they would be coming back out, they said thier next set would be from 7:35 to 8:20 and they they'd be back again at 9 (so about 45 minutes per set). I then turned around in response to the sound of music from the center of the lobby, a pianaist had begun to play on the Grand Piano. Christian was the name of the pianist at the Grand piano and I got to sit down nearby and listen to a whole set by him.

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