June 2007

Making a Royal entrance to Epcot

The Renditions of Red, White, and Blue Medley and and the Star Spangled Banner listed on this page were included in episode 20 To open the sound file now, click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp2007-20.mp3
...or follow this link to the SHOW NOTES Episode 20 Have a Glorious Independence Day

Several of The Voices of Liberty songs on this page were included in episode 44 of Mousin it Up. To open the sound file now, click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp44.mp3
...or follow this link to the SHOW NOTES Episode 44 The Voices of Liberty - Just For Fun!

Upon entering Epcot I saw that I had some time to kill before the next good opportnity to catch the Voices of Liberty so I decided to loop around to the back corner of the France pavilion and get a few more Friendship photos from across the water, but as I approached the area I saw Princess Aurora was there and she was alone (other than her royal handler and Royal photographer) so what the heck who am I to turn down a photo with royalty? after taking the picture we were still alone for the moment so I let them know I was there to get some photos of the Royal Yacht(pointing at the Friendship to be clear) I wasn't in the way but I figured they might wonder why I was hanging out there, however briefly.

wdw-06-17-07 201 (56K)

I actually dislike the pictures of me here but I like the story that went with them, that's the only reason I haven't taken them down.

wdw-06-17-07 202 (67K) wdw-06-17-07 203 (60K) wdw-06-17-07 204 (62K) wdw-06-17-07 205 (67K) wdw-06-17-07 206 (74K) wdw-06-17-07 207 (70K) wdw-06-17-07 208 (68K) wdw-06-17-07 209 (73K) wdw-06-17-07 210 (66K) wdw-06-17-07 211 (76K) wdw-06-17-07 212 (70K) wdw-06-17-07 213 (69K) wdw-06-17-07 214 (69K) wdw-06-17-07 215 (84K) wdw-06-17-07 216 (70K) wdw-06-17-07 217 (60K)

Above and Below: What great theming even this bird looks French (to me), yes that's a little joke.

wdw-06-17-07 218 (86K) wdw-06-17-07 219 (90K) wdw-06-17-07 220 (91K) wdw-06-17-07 221 (92K)

After getting another nice round of Friendship photos it was getting close enough to time for the Voices of Liberty's set to head that way, one of the things I wanted to see was if there was much differances between Saturdays line-up and Sundays, I suspected there might be since, after all, who wants to work both days of the weekend, it makes a kind of sence to split the weekend between those who would rather work Saturday, and those who would rather work Sunday (Though I like the schedule at my own work where we work Fri. Sat. Sun. one week and then have a 3 day weekend off the next week). Actually taking a quick glance at least four folks did work BOTH days perhaps those folks chose a schedule more like the kind I prefer? But of course that means that five others (each day, which would make 10 singers overall) did do a "split-weekend" schedule. Including the conductor Dirk Donahue.

wdw-06-17-07 222 (48K) wdw-06-17-07 223 (41K)

Above: I think she had the doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo doodle-dew-dew-dew-dew-doo part on Hooray for the Red white and Blue (I always associated that part with a Red Haired lady who used to sing with the VOL in the past)

wdw-06-17-07 224 (57K) wdw-06-17-07 225 (51K)

Above: Conductor Dirk Donahue

wdw-06-17-07 226 (52K)

Above: I believe John (above) had the solo on Oh! Susanah
Below: And then Ray would be doing the solo on Rockytop, Tennesee

wdw-06-17-07 227 (56K)
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