June 2007

More Voices and Friendships

The Rendition of God Bless the USA listed on this page was included in episode 20 To open the sound file now, click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp2007-20.mp3
...or follow this link to the SHOW NOTES Episode 20 Have a Glorious Independence Day

Several of The Voices of Liberty songs on this page were included in episode 44 of Mousin it Up. To open the sound file now, click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp44.mp3
...or follow this link to the SHOW NOTES Episode 44 The Voices of Liberty - Just For Fun!

As I mentioned in the previous day of the trip report although I wanted to get more of the Voices of Liberty, I didn't want that to be ALL that I did, still the line-up of the group was different enough and the set was different enough that I decided I'd get at least one more set, still once agian as I was waiting I wanted to take advantage of other nearby entertainment this time I headed next door to the Italy Pavilion where I got to see a jugler/mime Sergio (who was already into his 1:30 PM set when I got there), he was great, it reminded me a lot of the old juggler at the preshow for the Hunchback of Notre Dame show, I wonder if perhaps it might be the same fellow? I took video but I did something wrong and lost it so unfortunatly no pictures here. Still I look forward to seeing him agin on a future trip, I've also heard that there's a juggler at the Boardwalk too so that would be nice to see as well. even once sergios bit had ended I still had a few minutes to take a few more photos outside the American Adventure pavilion before the Voices of Liberty's 2:00 P.M. set.

wdw-06-17-07 228 (95K) wdw-06-17-07 229 (60K) wdw-06-17-07 230 (68K) wdw-06-17-07 231 (59K) wdw-06-17-07 232 (49K)

Voices of Liberty 2:00 P.M. set

wdw-06-17-07 233 (58K)

Above: This gentleman had the solo on God Bless the USA

wdw-06-17-07 234 (48K)

The woman looking for her partner in the Skip to my Lou number above and below had been a member of the VOL for many years she shows up in some older pictures of the group and I do also remember seeing her in a video promo advertising the WDW Christmas video (the promo was tacked on at the end of another WDW video).

Also if you look at the track listing you'll notice I call this version of Skip to My Lou the "abort mission" version, in other words at the point in the song when the cast member approaches a kid in the audience to bring them into the bit the kid she chose just turned around and dove for the nearest parent (his dad if I recall correctly) so there was no kid to interact with and they just cut to the song closing leaving out the audience interaction bit they normally do for this song.

wdw-06-17-07 235 (57K) wdw-06-17-07 236 (59K) wdw-06-17-07 237 (57K)

Above : Ray did an AWESOME job on Black is The Color of My true Loves Hair.

wdw-06-17-07 238 (52K)

After the Voices of Libertys set I noticed that the Acrobat/mime in France Serveur Amusant was about to start, much like Sergio in Italy I have in the past walked by just as he happened to be performing but I had never seen him perform a full set, I pretty much always just looked "isn't that neat" as I kept going so I wanted to take this opportunity to see his whole act. When looking to see what was on after that I knew I wanted to catch either Spelmans Glidje or Viva Mexico, but the time until either one of those groups sets after the acrobat was long enough that it would allow me to catch one more set of the Voices of Liberty, so this gave me a game plan for the next section of the day Servuer/Voices/Gledje, I also wanted to get back over to the Magic Kingdom today too but at this point it was clear I probably would not be catching the one act I had most wanted to catch at the MK that day the Toontown Tuners.

wdw-06-17-07 239 (86K) wdw-06-17-07 240 (84K) wdw-06-17-07 241 (64K) wdw-06-17-07 242 (66K) wdw-06-17-07 243 (49K) wdw-06-17-07 244 (65K) wdw-06-17-07 245 (57K) wdw-06-17-07 246 (54K) wdw-06-17-07 247 (57K) wdw-06-17-07 248 (62K) wdw-06-17-07 249 (62K)

While waiting for Servuer Amusants showtime in France I had time to take (Plenty of) pictures of Friendships passing by on two sides, I took so many of Friendship V that I made it into an animated gif (below).

friendship (1778K)
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