Our Wedding

Friday, October Fourth Two-Thousand-Two

page two: the ceremony

As the time drew near I went into the church and sat in the front row with the reverend, my mom, and dad. The reverend went over the order of events in the ceremony one more time with me as the last few minutes went by. Then it was time. Carlenes mom was giving her away, so instead of having a best man I had decided to have a "best mom". Mom the reverand and I walked up to the front of the church and faced the assembled guests. The music started and Carlene and her mom came down the aisle. The reverand asked who gives this bride away and her mom replied "her family and I" . Then her mom and mine were seated and Carlene and I faced the preacher.
pastor Webb, me , and mom dad, me,and mom Carlenes mom walking her down the aisle Tony sings
Anthony, Carlenes nephew, sang, he did great. then the preacher spoke some words on marriage. then we stepped up onto the dais at the front of the church. And I faced Carlene and I sang "til there was you". After the song it was time for our vows and the exchange of rings.
I sing vows  vows ring
Before the service when the candles had been lit the person lighting them had not realized the signifigance of the unity candle and he lit it too, then as soon as he realized it was to be lit by us during the ceremony he put it out. unfortunatly the wick had enough time to burn off but not enough time burning to actually start wicking parfin through it so when we went to light the unity candle we couldn't really get it to light. After that my sister sang The Lords prayer.
candle candle Michelle sings kiss presentation
The minister concluded the ceremony and told me I could kiss my bride, so I did :-) then presented us to those gathered as Mr and Mrs. Martsolf. As we exited he let the folks know that they could head over to the fellowship hall for the reception. The ushers escorted the moms out and then everyone else followed.

page 3 : The Photo Session

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