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Chapter 10 The Animation Gallery Page 3 Sketchy Characters

Much like the full color card scenes in the first part of the animation galleries postcard series. these sketch cards too work their way through animated films in chronological order, but these start with the shorts, and so include our pals, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy and for the rest of the sketch card series the focus is on movies some of which were not covered in those earlier cards Fantasia, Bambi, and The Jungle Book .
70116-600 (14K) Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator
70117-500 (13K)Dumbo and Timothy
70118-500 (33K) Flower (from Bambi)
70119-500 (38K) Thumper
70120-500 (41K) Baloo and Mowgli
Other Animation Gallery Series Cards

Spirit of the gallery

70121-500 (28K)Mickey seated at Easel animation Gallery logo


70000-500 (52K) Mickey's Christmas Carol

20 Magical Years

In 1991 Walt Disney World celebrated it's 20th anniversary, Some have said that in many ways the celebration of the 20th anniversary was a "dress rehearsal" for the 25th anniversary celebration of the park. I did not attend WDW that year but I can certainly understand how lessons learned in trying to get the best possible celebration for the "20 Magical Years" celebration, could have been applied to the "Remember the Magic" one. Since there is no obvious refeance to the 20 Magical Years on the front the reason the only reason I know that this card was produced in commeeration of that event is the logo on the back that says "20 Magical Years". Also, on a more mundane note, about this same time in 1990-1991 Walt Disney World went to using bar codes on all of their merchandise, including postcards, so this card being probably one of the last non-bar code post cards for sale seems an appropriate place to end this chapter.
11017-500 (36K)
This card has a nice detail on it, that you may or may not have noticed, so here it is close up. Also, I don't know who did the artwork for this card it is a beautiful card, if you know who did this art please E-mail Me martsolf@mindspring.com and if you can please let me know the source of your information (I like to confirm things when I can).
11017inset-500 (43K) 20 Magical Years

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