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Chapter 9 Disney-MGM Studios Page 2 The Great Movie Ride
I've already mentioned the financial reasoning behind the addition of a third theme park to Walt Disney Worlds line-up but there was, of course, creative inspiration as well, one of the first ideas the Imagineers showed Eisner was for a movie pavilion designed as a possible expansion of Epcot Center, that pavilion was in essence the Great Movie Ride, the deal that had been made with MGM gave Disney the right to use most of the movies they needed, though they had to make a side deal for a separate set of movies that MGM had kept protected from that first deal, including The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca, soon those side deals too were made and the flagship attraction of the Disney MGM studios proceded. In that first summer of the Studios theme parks operation there was no Indiana Jones Stunt show, no Star Tours, no Muppetvision, no Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid, and of course no Hollywood Boulevard even, the studios was a much different place than it is today and The Great Movie Ride was the most covered item in the initial series of Studios post cards.
0100-71127 There's a hot time in the Wild West
71127-500 (27K)

0100-71109 Western

0100-71110 An ancient Egyptian temple
An ancient Egyptian temple
0100-71111 Grinning Mummies

0100-71113 Gangster Alley

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