Walt Disney World
A History in Postcards
Chapter 4 Early Postcard Booklets Page p.12: Second and Third Series Postcard Booklets
By the late 1970's early 1980's it was decided to issue a new series of postcard booklets, at least one of these was a brand new booklet dedicated to Discovery Island, but the other postcard booklets were updated too, though I am not sure if it was all of them that were updated or if some of the ones for areas with lower sales were discontinued. I suspect that they were all updated but I just don't have all that many of them yet. These booklets came in two waves the first series of them were issued with 0111-0100 series numbers, and with this series came not only new images but also new logos for the front covers of each of the booklets. In the first postcard series the logos at the top of each postcard booklet were individualized to reflect the style of the land or the resort, or attraction, the booklet was for, and also the lettering of the title of the booklet was individual to each booklet too, with perhaps the most obvious example of this being the Adventureland booklet with its Bamboo shoot style of lettering. With this new series each locale still had its own logo, but the lettering was standardized, put into a "rounded corner" square pattern around the logo and the words Walt Disney World make up the bottom half of each square, so there was a sort of underlying unity of design to this series. The logos for each venue featured a small art work of people enjoying WDW. The artwork is a bit stylized and the style is carried over with the same style of art on all the booklets in the series.
In 1981 WDW changed the way it numbered all its postcards it went to the 0100-00000 series of numbering even changing the numbers of views which had been issued with the same number since opening day, for example 01110203 became 0100-10203 this extended into the postcard booklets as well , unfortunately I have very few of these at present as well , and none of the ones I have overlap subjects with the booklets in the 0111-0000 series. Therefore, I can't be sure of it when I say I suspect that these were the same booklets as the 0111-0000 series only with the numbers changed, But if I were a betting man that would be where I'd put my money, I just don't know if I'd bet dollars to postcards on it ;-)
So the following is a list of booklets I suspect exist in the 0111-0100 and 0100-10100 series of postcards. A lot of this is guess work, but the ones in bold face print are the ones that I have as complete booklets. The ones that are underlined but have no link are ones from booklets that I know exist just because I have a loose card from those booklets but not the complete booklet.
0111-0100 Main Street USA 0111-10100Main Street USA
0111-0101??Pirates Of The Caribbean 0100-10101 Pirates Of The Caribbean
0111-0102?one of the remaining four lands 0100-10102?one of the remaining four lands
0111-0103?one of the remaining four lands 0100-10103?one of the remaining four lands
0111-0104Frontierland 0100-10104 Frontierland
0111-0105?one of the remaining four lands 0100-10105?one of the remaining four lands
0111-0106?one of the remaining four lands 0100-10106?one of the remaining four lands
0111-????Contemporary Resort 0100-10???Contemporary Resort
0111-0???Polynesian Resort 0100-10???Polynesian Resort
0111-0120 Fort Wilderness 0100-10120??Fort Wilderness
0111-0121 River Country 0100-10121??River Country
0111-0122 Discovery Island 0100-10122??Discovery Island

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