May 1998 WDW trip/Saturday May 9 the Studios

Walt Disney World Spring Getaway/Birthday Treat
Saturday, May 9 the Studios

The birds again awakened me early, but I just looked at this as an opportunity to get my day underway. So soon I had cleaned up gotten my stuff together and was on my way to the studios. I was a bit early. In fact I was the only person on my bus to the studios but, that was just fine with me :-). After looking around the shops I waited by the ropes with everyone else for the rope drop. I got a nice surprise here The Toy Story Army men came out and picked kids out of the crowd to do calisthenics. And picked children going to each of the mornings popular destinations (tower of terror, character breakfast, and one more I have forgotten). The Drill Sargent then let the crowd know we were not to pass these children on the way to their destinations and asked told these children they wouldn't run. There was lots of humor involved and asking the children questions giving them a funny look and some drill instruction when they answered a wrong and a big WHO-WHA when they got it right, all in all a good bit of cuteness and fun. When they rope did drop the army men led us up Sunset blvd. They turned off to the left when we got to the tower of terror. I rode the TOT 3 times with basically no wait then moved on (after all there was a meet scheduled there for that night). On my way back down Sunset I got my picture taken with Goofy (he's pointing at a pin back button with his picture on it). Then I did the great movie ride which was . . . well . . . great here. By that time it was time for the Beauty and the Beast show to open its theater. The show was g ood but my favorite part was missing, the pre show group 4 for a dollar they are great.

Boot Camp Crusin down Sunset Not a good sign at the Hollywood Tower Hotel NO........the one on the *LEFT* is Goofy silly TGMR No one hits like gaston no one spits like gaston...... oh gosh .... I guess its too late to get a picture of the beast now....sigh a bit early on this shot this is what it looks like.....when doves fly  finale

I also rode the studio tour, Star Tours, and saw Muppetvison, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame before having a late lunch at the prime time cafe. After my lunch there was still a good while until the meet so I caught several of the streetmosphere performances of the afternoon.
topiary earful tower Walts plane A swingin time at the Hunchback of Notre Dame Curtain call at hond Streetmosphe performers

RADP Tower of Terror meet!
(Left to right: Rosemary Childers, Bruce Metcalf, Bill Hrabusicky, Amy Kahn, Larry from Houston, Rusty Wyatt, Jeff and Susan Spencer, Brian Martsolf, Laura and Dave Scribellito, Katie Spencer, Lee Zimmerman, Brian Spencer, Laura Gilbreath)

I was first to arrive at the meet site with Bill Matson (who attended the previous nights PI meet) not far behind and his mom Rosemary too. When I went to get a drink and came back Laura and lee (tigger and Pegasus) had arrived and the Spencer clan too (Jeff, Susan, Brian, and Katie) soon Larry from Houston, Bruce Metcalf (e-muck rufus), Rusty Wyatt, Amy "Improvgal" Kahn, and the newlyweds! Yep Laura and Dave Scribellito joined us for the drop. After the ride the Newlyweds had to go as did Larry from Houston and as well as Bill and his mom Rosemary.I don't think Jeff rode the second time either (I'm not sure). I convinced everyone to ride the other side (the left queue in the basement) so everyone could see the rock and roll roller coaster construction (I had ridden the left side all three rides that morning). After the second ride the Spencers left everyone stood around not wanting to leave. So we decided to all go eat dinner. We eliminated the restaurants in the studios by process of elimination. Then used Bruces Knowledge of the WDW food experience (he is the Restaurant Reporter for WDWIG, Walt Disney World Information Guide). Amy and I rode with Bruce Metcalf to Dinner afterward While Laura and Lee rode with Rusty Wyatt they beat us to the Yachtsman for Dinner, but we made it to Pleasure Island before them (I remember parking in lot "O" and thinking it stood for Overflow) Both at Dinner and PI the conversation was quite enjoyable to listen to Bruce, Rusty and Lee seemed to have the best stories. Also at PI We were joined by fellow RADPers Gene, Aven, and Kim Baral, and a little later by Bill Hrabusicky, who had also been at the ToT meet and PI the night before. We also had fun with Laura and Lees Digital camera looking at the shots they had taken. The 10th was my birthday so even though everyone was getting tired we all toughed it out until midnight when, they sang happy birthday to me. Bruce was nice enough to give Amy and I rides back to our respective resorts. It's really great to talk face to face with people I chat with on the computer and It's really great to meet other I might not have gotten to know otherwise meets are fun :-)

Next day Sunday, May 10 Check out and the Magic Kingdom

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