February 7, 2000 - Day 6 (con't)

Mid-day & Monorails

I seem to remember that when I got back to the room Peter was recharged enough to get going, I think perhaps he had not been wanting to go get shoes because he didn't want to take time out of the vacation for that, but by now he realized he was loosing time on the vacation to his feet either way and after we got the shoes I think he was surprised at just how quickly we had been able to take care of it, I believe the shoe outlet we visited was on 192 not far from the Wide World of Sports complex. Anyhow, with that out of the way, we took in whatever attractions we had missed in the Future World portion of Epcot the first night and rode Test Track a few more times.

Whatever we rode I certainly continued my trend of taking Monorail photos, there were very few non-monorail photos taken on this day once we left the studios in the morning.


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Above: So I Finally got a shot of one of the Test Track cars as it was going around the loop, and just look at the reflection of those lights in the back window, it almost looks like a "Mickey Head", but theres more as to just why I was able to get this car as it went around, you see it was coming to a stop (look at the next photo to see)
Below: Wow! what Disney Realism, they're pushing that Test Track vehicle, just like REAL GM cars!

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