February 4, 2000 - Day 3 (con't)- Night

Magic Kingdom

The Main Street Electrical Parade

In 1991 The Magic kingdom debuted a new nighttime parade called Spectromagic which replaced Walt Disney Worlds Main Street Electrical Parade, that verion of the MSEP was then shipped off to Euro Disneyland. In the late 1990's Disneylands Main Street Electrical parade was retired, it had actually premiered before the version at WDW and it hd been inspired by the Electrical Water Pagent that runs on the Seven Seas lagooon and Bay Lake at WDW, the parade proved so popular at Disneyland that a version was built for WDW (the version of the parade that ended up at EuroDisney). So in 1999 and 2000 when WDW decided to bring the Main Street Electriacal parade back for a season they got the units from the Disneyland version of the parade, so if you think that you may have seen two different vesions of MSEP over the years at WDW, that might be why.

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Above: This Dragonfly, I believe, was actually created for the Spectromagic parade, it still fit in well with the MSEP though. 08day2c 10day2c 12day2c 13day2c edit 14day2c 15day2c 16day2c 17day2c 18day2c 19day2c 21day2c 22day2c 20day2c

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E Ride Nights

Peter Adds...We did Buzz several times (at least twice) after closing hours, using an E-nite ticket
I had forgotten about this, at that time, if you were a resort guest, on selected nights at the Magic Kingdom you could pay a small additional fee and get to ride some of the most poular attractions in the park for a few hours after the regular closing time. The name "E-Rides nights" (from the former ticketing system where the top rides in the A through E system required "E" tickets, since the Astro orbitor isn't an E-ride we probably did it just before the parks regular hours ended (or it may have been up as a substitute for an "e-ride" that was in refurbrishment)

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