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Episode 33 - Tim Devines Photo Tour of Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

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In this episode we head back to Disney's Animal Kingdom for the third time in four episodes, this time to fulfill a listener request by Lou of the WDW-Memories Site and Podcast, a request to hear the audio from Tim DeVines Pangani forest Exploration trail photo tour from Mousefest in 2007.

Above itunes and Libsyn image: Tims on the Right, my fellow Carolinian on the left.



The full selection of my photos for this tour can be found as a set on Flickr...

PICT2604 PICT2606 PICT2616 PICT2620 PICT2631 PICT2643 PICT2646 PICT2657 PICT2649

Above: bunny in the gorilla habitat


Above: The Hidden Jafar

PICT2661 PICT2662

Above: This would be PERHAPS the most boring piture of a Gorilla ever taken EXCEPT for the fact that it reminds me of a bit of trivia about this area, the working title for this are during construction was the gorilla Falls trail, but they didn't want folks to assume they would for certain see Gorillas and then be dissapointed or complain if they did not so they went with Pangini forest trail instead. Which just goes to show you that you never know WHICH photo will come in as useful at some point.


Above: While everyone else was focusing on the Gorillas I was looking aroung the area for other details like these flowers.


Above:...and here you see the Wild photographers in their natural habitat.


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