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Episode 30 Harambe Tag

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In this episode we take in some of the "Safari people Band"
more on the band and my misunderstanding of who was who here:
before heading over to Kilimanjaro Safaris for a two week expedition on the Harambe Wildlife reserve. Then we return to Harambe Village for a bit more music and a few words with the fellow who was leading the safari band on this day. Actually I had originally thought this guy was the main leader of the band and the show notes originally reflected that but for more about this you can check out a post on my blog where I corrected this.

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Photos of the safari band people are with my pictures from December 11 2007 (the day on which I recorded the audio) which are currently only on flickr:

Photos from the actual Safari trip on Dec. 7 are on this page:

Some of the actual folks mentioned in the episode I'll show here

Ray and his ECV


Rays Rear End


Linda Eckwerth in the center, hypermommy (who made some funny comments) on the right


LTADs truck


Becki Mahnken (MEI travel), Linda Mack (allears net w/camera), and some tagrel taginators


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