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Episode 26 Marty Sklar

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In honor of Epcots 25th Anniversary October 1, 2007 this Episode features audio of executive VP of Imagineering, Imagineering Ambassador to the World, and Disney Legend Marty Sklars presentation to the folks assembled at the Circle of Life theatre in the land pavilion at Epcot.

libsyn2 (79K)
Above Libsyn image: Happy Anniversary Epcot this mid 1970s rendering of Epcot shows it located on the shores of the Seven Seas lagoon on what is now (and was already at that time)the TTC parking lot.
Below itunes image: The more interesting part of the concept art below to me is not the early version of Spaceship Earth in the foreground but in the background of the image, the original Hirshorn Museum inspired (and center of the park) design of the American adventure Pavilion.

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I googled the terms David Brinkley Disney inhopes of turning up the video of Mr Brinkley that Mr. Skylar used at the begining of the video if you have the "Walt Disney World Explorer" CD-rom it is on there . If you find this video online or other pictures that seem to illustrate things shown in this slide show (A lot of them really were familar stock photos) please let me know and I'll add links to them in the photos section of these show notes.


A better concept art image of Epcot that show the original version of the American Pavilion located in the center of the park is at Disneypix.coms page on this subject:

at 12:07 Marty pulled up this slide I belive the front three folks in the canoe are Richard Irvine, Bill Evans, and Admiral Joe Fowler (the Admiral has the paddle).
fowler-evans-irvine-walt-600 (88K)
14:40 seconds in Marty pulled up a slide of this picture.
sklar-irvine-beckett-500 (59K)
15:00 Roy, Walt and Card
royWaltCard-500 (52K)
15:28 Epcot Groundbreaking
groundbreak-500 (47K)
18:50 Walts sketch
napkin-500 (11K)
19:45 He pulled up a slide similar to this one though this is not the exact frame
sixmilestall-500 (59K)
27:38 General Motors equals Timbucktu?
gm=timbucktu-500 (34K)
28:08 no flags
flagcot500 (55K)
28:37 Location,location,location
TTCcot-500 (34K)
32:55 war room
hedidntfall-700 (57K)
37:15 forgot to rent the crane ...the crowd spells out WE DID IT! according the the imagineering book subtitled: A behind the dreams look at making the magic real.

noCrane-800 (111K) epconcept-500 (42K)
42:00 Above: Though I don't think this is the actual slide Marty used at this point in the presentation it does show the Hischorn Museum of Art inspired design for the American pavilion.

Below: Also not from the actual presentation, the image below, but in this image you get a better feel for the centralized location of the attraction in the park, before you even passed under the monorail line you would have walked around or under the edge of the building into the central courtyard in fact that round "donut" building design makes me wonder if they were perhaps envisioning a Carosel of progress type ride system.
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At the end of the event I ran into a few RADP folks including Denise of the Mousesteps web site:

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