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Episode 22 Mo-Rockin'

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This Episode features TWO sets by Mo'rockin,the fantastic band from the Morocco pavilion at Epcot that combines new musical styles with more traditional Moroccan musical sounds to make thier music. Also in this episode, a story about a background music loop song (BGM) that I learned a bit about, a couple of plugs for a few Disney related sites you may enjoy, and an announcement about a new way to send feedback to the show. The sets by Mo-Rockin and the BGM music I mentioned were all recorded Saturday June 16, 2007.

libsyn (370K)
Above Libsyn image: Serena an alternate dancer when Ilham ( a regular member of Morockin) is not there.
Below itunes image: The Full group.

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Mo Rockin

Lots of photos on two pages of the trip report, some on this page:
MANY on this page (a whole page of them):


This also appears on the trip report page,
as well as here:


Mo-Rockins web site

Let's Talk about Disney- forums

The Disney Podcast

Disney Music loops

Steves Soares Live entertainment schedules were a huge assistance especially in the Magic Kingdom.

In additon to the pages on Mo-Rockin listed in the photos above I need to list here the page where I wrote about the American Adventure BGM:

And here's a link to the site that told me all about Tramp, Tramp, Tramp:


Mo Rockin 3:10/6:30 PM sets

these two sets were Identical song line ups, the first song played in the show is from the 6:30 set, the rest of the recording is taken from the 3:10 PM set.

American Adventure outdoor BGM

Mo Rockin 7:30 PM

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