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Episode 18 Disneyland Band Concert aboard the Mark Twain riverboat July 15, 2005

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In this Episode one piece of audio runs for the whole episode (though I talk over it through the quiet parts) this recording of the Disneyland Bands Concert aboard the Mark Twain riverboat was taken on July 15, 2005. This is the last of the three sessions of the Disneyland band that I recorded that trip and also the closest to complete, though even here I didn't get audio of the band coming on stage, so I guess none of the DL Band Concerts I recorded is 100 percent complete, still, this would be the closest, as I'm sure the other sets are missing full songs that were played before I arrived on those occasions.

band (89K)
Above Libsyn image: The Band marching offstage.
Below itunes image: Art during the main concert.

art (25K)




The Goofy Card

goof-520 (26K)

Pat Terry and Pat Terry Junior

patterry-500 (43K)
patback-500 (19K)

Friendships on postcards

One thing I didn't mention in the show is that the current color scheme of the Friendships is not the original one, and most of the photos of Friendships on postcards are of thier older color shemes, now the newest color scheme, the one I have used to make a list of the Friendships at the main body of all of the Friendships is white, they then have an accent color for the roof stripes, and a second accent color for the trim around the windows (this color also continues as stripes across the "front hood" of the ship), these two colors are then repeated as a pair of stripes around the boat, the upper wider stripe matches the roof color and the lower "pinstripe" matches the window trim. But the older paint scheme that is shown on the postcards for the most part shows vessels with solid color roofs, the earliest view of a Friendship on a postcard is this view of Friendship II originally released in 1983:

oldfriendII-fullcard-500 (36K)
close up of the old paint scheme for Friendship II (Rust orange roof & windows, navy blue stripe)
oldfriendII (45K)

then, around the time the Morocco pavilion opened this view of Friendship V was released notice how the roof color matches the tiles on the roof of the buildings in the Morocco pavilion.

oldfriendV-500 (51K)
oldfriendV-close (126K)
close up of the old paint scheme for Friendship V (Green roof & Windows, navy blue stripe)

close up of the old paint scheme for Friendship V

Later, just before the turn of the century, there was a seies of folios of post cards for each park, including one for Epcot, this view of Friendship I was included in that folio. It seems likely to me that by the time this fview of Friendship I was printed on a postcard it's paint scheme may have already been changed to the newer on that appears on my list.

oldfriendI-fullcrd-500 (40K)
close up of the old paint scheme for Friendship I
(Navy roof and Windows, red stripe)
oldfriendI-close (143K)

Now on all three of thes cards the ships have a solid roof color that continues down to include the area around the windows...but this next view breaks that pattern.

oldfriend-perhapsVI-500 (30K)
close up of the old paint scheme for Friendship VI (Teal Roof, orange Windows, teal over orange stripe). oldfriendII (45K)

See, the roof color is solid, but the area around the windows is a second color, now in the latest color scheme this teal over orange pattern belongs to Freindship VI, but I have no way to know if that is the ship pictured here. I also don't know if all of the Friendships recieved a color scheme that had the areas surrounding the windows a different color than the roofs at that time, or if it was just given this new pattern as perhaps the newest vessel at that time (the fleet was probably greatly enlarged around the time of the opening of the studios in 1989 and the resorts around crescent lake in 1989 and through the 90's) I'm only aware of one of the Friensdhips being printed in a view showing the most recent paint scheme, and that would have been on a "free with stay" postcard, the kind of card you used to get in your room if you stayed at a Disney resort.

FriendVII-BWV-500 (35K)
Update: after my mid-June trip to WDW I realized there was at least one more postcard with a friendship on it it's a three view postcard of the Beach Club resort and it seems to show a ship in the same colors as Friendship V on that Morocco card. I also went back and looked up postcards of the Yacht Club, and Boardwalk from that same series (to see if I had missed any others) and they DID NOT have any Friendships on them. Also I noticed that one of my fellow Carolinas Disney fans BiblioAddonis from Flickr (or just plain old George from posted a picture of a Friendship in his group of 1997 photos he recently posted.

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