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Season 2007 Episode 14 Show Notes
Piano Man Jim / Give Me Liberty/ NC RADP

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In this Episode we have a nice set of (mostly)ragtime from Piano Man Jim, recorded Dec. 10, 2006 in the Magic Kingdom. Also in a first for this site and show a contest. Additionally I mention a bit about the retirement of one of the Voices of Liberty, the Lion Kings touring company plans to return to the Tarheel state and I suggest a time and place for some of us Carolinian Disney fans to get together to Mouse it Up!

lib (61K) tunes-350 (23K)

Above left: Libsyn image Ryan back in 2002
Above right: Jim during the set played this episode (a bit after 5PM) on Dec. 10, 2006.


The Challenge

There was something I referred to as an "audio pun, or a play on words" in the previous episode, Episode number 13 If you think you know what I am referring to simply E-mail Me with the answer. If you are the first person with the correct answer, or the one I draw from multiple submissions (assuming I get multiple submissions). You will get to choose your prize.

The Prizes

you can choose between:



As I mentioned at the top of the episode I didn't know the name of the tune at the time I recorded it, so when I heard Jim play this it really made my day.

The songs in Jims set that actually played in this episode (all recorded in one set from about 5 pm until 5:30 something):

When the ducks started quacking loudly just before "Margie" Jim said "everybody a critic" a bit too far off microphone to hear well.

Additionally at the end of the episode I played the little snippet I have of Piano Man Mark playing It's a Small World, I had just left the Dole Whip meet and was headed to the front gate to meet my wife, he was in mid-set when I walked up, and the songs he played after this made it into the Christmas episode

Voices of Liberty CD booklet

I printed these on card stock, getting these things to line up in the printer can be tough since you have to print the center of one page, then flip the page to print the other side, hoping your margins won't make the page disalign, or that you didn't get it turned around so that the print orientation is upside down on one of the pages. It takes a little trial and error but once you get a system it's not too bad. One thing that can help is to set up a template in a word processing program.

Voices-cd-folder covers (94K)

The picture above is the Outside of the booklet. The picture below would be printed on the back side of the page above

PAGE 1-10 (100K)

pages9N2 (76K)

The picture below would be printed on the back side of the page above

page3-8 (60K)

page7and4 (84K)

The picture below would be printed on the back side of the page above, and is the Center of the booklet

page5-6t (58K)

cdtitlebar (11K)

The graphic above I used for the edges of the cd jewel box, the image below was the inlay, but I had an application that automatically printed the text over this image.

inlayUS2 (37K)

Below is a close up of one of the earliest casts of the Voices of Liberty, on the far left is founder Derrick Johnson, on the far right is the current conductor Kevin, if you don't recognize him remember he's almost 25 years older now and has a good bit less hair up on top. This image was an alternate idea for the center pages of the booklet, but since the photo here was already on the cover already I decided against it, the reason the cast here is so large is due to the fact that at that time there were two casts one group worked the days the others were off, there may be some alternates pictured as well, even today there are alternates, many of whom work during the Holiday Season when the Voices of Liberty are split between their normal duties and the Candlelight proccessional.

centerpages (140K)

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