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Season 2007 Episode 13 Show Notes
- "I've got a good feeling about this" - American Vybe

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I figured out how to change my podcasts name in i tunes, the thing that threw me is that the page to do it was actually a page of my libsyn account that feeds information to Itunes... DOH!This episode features American Vybe, it may be a bit shorter than recent episodes, it released two weeks to the day from the previous episode, I'm going to try to make that my regular schedule.

Some of the audio from this episode is from that same WDW-friend who supplied the American Vybe Christmas audio. I finally was able to get in touch with him and found out he has his own web site now at (yes .net instead of .com) he has a link to his podcast right there on his beautiful main page, but if you want to go directly to his podcast first the address for that is he's been taking MD into the parks for some years now,and he has some great stuff there, The Future Corps, Spaceship Earth, Alien Encounter, Stitch, Tower of Terror, American Adventure, Soarin', a Christmas episode with the Main Street Philharmonic, the second group sounds like the Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob, Four for a Dollar, and a World Showcase Story teller form Norway, and (since podcasters think alike) a nice finish by the Voices of Liberty! his latest episode features audio from It's Tough To Be A Bug.

sing-libsyn (41K) vybe (20K)

Above left: Libsyn blog image, I have NO IDEA what song this solo is from, because this photo was taken during the first set (the one I only got one complete song from) ... BUT I *Think* (don't hold me to it) that she was the soloist of "His Eye is on the Sparrow".
Above right: I tunes American Vybe October 30, 2002.


This is the 13th episode of this podcast but the first to bear the new name. My watch was just a little bit off of Epcot time this day and it took me a while to realize that was the reason I kept walking in after sets had started, so, the first set I recorded of American Vybe I Missed the opener "Seasons of Love" then, the recorder stopped for some reason as the song Honeysuckle Rose was introduced.



A few weeks after posting this episode originally I ran across some photos my good friend Peter Schouten took on the trip we took to WDW in 2000.

0909march-vibe3-cdinsert (21K) 1201fab2k-am vibe crop (22K) 1202AmVibe-cd insert (24K)


October 30,2002 The first set I recorded of American Vybe I Missed the opener "Seasons of Love" then, the recorder stopped for some reason as the song Honeysuckle Rose was introduced. The Second set is a nice complete set that, despite the poor recording quality initially, I am quite pleased to have at all!

Late December 1998 or 1999? Lou recorded a couple of sets that included not only the three songs he contributed to this episode (Seasons of Love, 1960's Medley, and Ridin' The Chariot), but also those songs that appeared in the Christmas episode Santa Baby, and Santa Claus is Back in Town.

The songs that actually played in this episode:

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