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Season 2007 Episode 12 Show Notes

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Much like episode 10 this episode has audio in it taken during our Honeymoon in 2002, This episode we have sound recorded on the morning of October 31, 2002 on the "Magic Behind Our Steam Trains" tour at the Magic Kingdom, Also a "flood" of 2006 postcards, that's actually a bit of a pun, although there are quite a few postcard images on the two pages, the pun comes from the fact that the intro music to the show is performed by a group called the 1937 Flood, not a Disney group, but they do a song about a train that was made a nice intro (anyhow I like it).

cheesecake-libsyn (65K) dannyNmike-itunes (30K)

Above right: I tunes episode image engineer Danny
Above left: Libsyn blog image Carlene and I sitting on the Roy's front end
Below: links to some cropped in images of the Lilly Belle



When I'm talking to Jack at the beginning of the episode, in the tour garden, and I mention the AAU building, what I'm talking about there is the building that was the WDW Preview center. It was the first building to open to the public on the WDW site, it opened January 1, 1970. About 48 minutes into the episode Jack talks about going to see the Lilly Belle, he is referring to a photo of Walts' miniature engine that is there in the lower portion of the station.



As I mentioned in the episode, the introductory songs, were from a couple members of the 1937 Flood, Dave Peyton (auto harp and lead vocal) and Charlie Ridgeway (guitar and backing vocal).

WDW postcards

I talked about postcards I got during my latest trip to WDW, first I talked about the remaining 2006 postcard I found, then on to the new issues for 2007 that came out in the last quarter of 2006.

newUPC-550 (29K)

Below:The die cuts in the top row are from 2000, I'm showing those just to compare to the size of the new die cuts in the lower row. I'm pretty sure the Cinderella Die cut originally came out in a larger size, but it wasn't out in that size for very long, and I don't have one.

diecut-newVSold-800 (97K)

In addition to these new cards I also picked up a new official Disney card for Saratoga Springs, the picture is the same but the logo on the bottom has changed (the one on the right is the newer card, the other card is from last year).

Saratoga-800 (34K)

One set of postcards that I forgot to mention in the podcast as new to me were these two Art of Disney cards, below, now the design on the left is one that has been out for a while but I hadn't bought one since the Art of Disney series changed it's logo (the one embossed in the border of the card) from a swirl Mickey logo, to a swirl Mickey in front of the Castle logo.

pair-art-500 (39K)

Also I talked about some of the free cards given out at the Mega Mouse meet, both official Disney cards given out by some of the travel agents, and unofficial cards promoting books, and web sites of the various folks attending.

festFreeCards-700 (68K) festFreebacks-800 (55K)

There were also a few "almost a postcard" type of cards where it looked like you were picking up a postcard until you looked at the back on the card.

nonPC-450 (47K) nonPC-back-450 (19K)

Lastly I mentioned the discount outlets and the cards available at those places this trip.

discount-800 (90K)

Lastly here's that oddly non-discounted three stooges card that was at the Character Warehouse St. Augustine, the 4 x 6 Polynesian Resort postcard is in the shot just to give it scale.

stooges-800 (96K)
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