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Episode 2006-11 Show Notes

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This episode has audio in it taken during our Mousefest rips of 2005 and 2006. First from 2005 there's a set from the Voices of Liberty and The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corp, then we head over to the Magic Kingdom and up to 2006 for Main Street piano man Mark, Main street piano man Jim, The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob, Cinderella Royal Saxaphonists (AKA Toontown tuners or the Fantasyland Woodwind Society), we then return to Epcot for the Holiday portion of a performance by the Cyber Groove, then roll back the clock once again to 1998 for American Vybe provided by a guy I knew as WDW Friend from his old site on where he used to share audio. now since this episode has come out I found out he has his own podcast it's Lou of the Walt Disney World Memories Podcast We then fast forward to 2005 for one more set by the Voices of Liberty, before ending the show with a little Mousefest inspired Karaoke using one of the 2006 piano tracks I played from piano Main Street Mark earlier in the episode.

ep11itune (13K) ep11-lib (97K)

Above right: I tunes episode image (piano man Marks' socks) Above left: Libsyn blog image (photo colage of all the musical groups in this episode!)


WDW Friends podcast! the guy who recorded the American Vybe tracks I used in this episode.

Steves Soares Live entertainment schedules were a huge assistance especially in the Magic Kingdom.


Voices of Liberty set 01 (from Dec. 2005)

Spirit of America Fife And Drum Corps(Dec. 2005)

Main Street Pianist Mark

Main Street Pianist Jim

The Notorious Banjo brothers and Bob

Cinderellas Royal Saxaphonists

AKA Toontown Tuners AKA Fantasyland Woodwind Society

Cyber Groove

  • Hark how the Bells
  • American Vybe (1998 0r 99?)

    Voices of Liberty (Dec. 2005)

    The one song I mentioned editing out of this set was the Chanuka Medley that was the only song in this set that was repeated from the previous set, one other note about this set it was actually performed on the "front porch" of the American Adventure Pavilion, that's why when they are not singing between songs you can make out just a bit of the Background Music.

    Main Street Mark and Me

    This last bit was put together using Marks piano track of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas with my "at home Karaoke" vocals recorded right here by my desk (I did at least stand up to sing though!)

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