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Episode 2006-10 Show Notes

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This episode has audio in it taken during our Honeymoon in 2002, This episode we have sound recorded on the morning of October 31, 2002 on the "Magic Behind Our Steam Trains" tour at the Magic Kingdom, Also a "flood" of 2006 postcards, that's actually a bit of a pun, although there are quite a few postcard images on the two pages, the pun comes from the fact that the intro and exit music to the show are performed by a group called the 1937 Flood, not a Disney group, but they do a song about a train that was perfect for the intro (well anyhow I really like it), and besides that, my sister sings with them sometimes.

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Above right: I tunes episode image (engineer Mike) Above left: Libsyn blog image (tour guide conductor Jack)
Below: links to some cropped in images of the Lilly Belle




As I mentioned in the episode, the introductory and ending songs, were from a couple members of the 1937 Flood

While we were out in front of the Train Station and entrance gates gathering for the tour you could hear the entrance area Back Ground Music loop. The full contents of this loop can be found on Kirsten Wahlquist's Disney Music Loops site: then follow Walt Disney World--->misc.--->Main Entrance Area Music 1992-2005

Once we start heading into the Station you begin to hear the strains of the Main Street Music Loop, just one song though Gary, Indiana, before it finishes the Train is pulling into the station. Out at the Toontown Fair Station you can make out just a few seconds of Swanee River.

WDW postcards

I talked about about the 2006 postcard issues, here are links to all three pages.

2006 WDW Postcards issued

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