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Episode 2006-02 Show Notes

  • BBDP-002 Disneyland part one July 14,15
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Here are a few sounds from the first few days of our trip to Disneyland last July, this episode features; the river Rascals, Ragtime pianist "Johnny", the Disneyland Band, and in a special Tomorrowland appearance tied to the re-dedication of Space Mountain, Dwight Kennedy's New Orleans Dixie Kings. Also in this episode in the postcard corner we talk about the nice set of cards available from the Behind the Magic 50 years of Disneyland exhibit, and how to get them for far less than Ebay prices, also I go over the latest issue of the International Disney Postcard Collectors Club newsletter and add my 2 worth of information to Jays Patels fine work.

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Above left: Libsyn blog image
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  1. The main page for all trip reports on this site...
  2. The page for July 14th 2005 (River Rascals and Johnny)
  3. The first page for July 15th 2005 (The Disneyland Band's entrance set, and then follow the link at the botttom of the page for the Dixie Kings first set)
  4. Dwight Kennedy (The Dixie Kings)
  5. Disneyland Behind the Magic the exhibit's page:
  6. The Oakland Museums page on the exhibit:
  7. The Oakland Musem stores page including thier phone numbers voice: 510-238-6305 Fax: 510-238-2258
  8. International Disney Postcard Collectors Club membership form....or email Jay
  9. After the show ended I realized I left out a link for a potential source of the WDW accordian style cards I metioned the Laughing place stores postcards section.

  10. images

    Behind the Magic cards

oakland 001-500 (38K) oakland 002-500 (37K) oakland 003-500 (43K)

You can see that the third card from the left in the center row of the above shot is one of the four-view art cards, as is the center card in the image below.

oakland 004-500 (44K) oakland 005-500 (51K) oakland 006-500 (51K)

Mission Space Room rate card

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