Friday, December 2, 2005


After Jim Hills meet had ended I headed to Epcot, looking at the pictures it looks like I took the bus.

mfest2005 206 (64K) mfest2005 207 (55K)

above and Below: Poinsettias at the Epcot ticket booths.

mfest2005 208 (55K) mfest2005 209 (63K)

One of my top priorites at Epcot was getting some recordings, I don't think that I had recorded anything yet this trip, I didn't have a podcast yet in fact I don't even think I had really "discovered" podcasting yet so I mostly just wanted to record a bit of my old favorites the Voices of Liberty, of course being December the sets the Voices of Liberty were the Dickens Carolers version of the group. I caught the next to last set of the day of the voices which was in the Rotunda.

mfest2005 210 (60K) mfest2005 211 (100K) mfest2005 212 (67K)

After The Voices of liberty set the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps played a set also heavy on Holiday tunes.

mfest2005 213 (72K) mfest2005 214 (90K) mfest2005 215 (58K) mfest2005 216 (76K) mfest2005 217 (72K) mfest2005 218 (66K) mfest2005 219 (56K) mfest2005 220 (60K) mfest2005 221 (78K)

Above: I like the WDW Mickeyglobe icon on this drum.

mfest2005 222 (84K) mfest2005 223 (81K)

I also stuck around for the Voices of Libertys last set was actually held on the porch in front of the pavilion since the inside was being prepared for a private event, for those of you who don't know when they do this they actually load for the theatre show at what is normally the xit hallway. I was fading quickly and knew that I couldn't do too much more this day so after the Voices last set I simply took in the American Adventure show and then left the park to go back to the room and get some sleep!

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