Thursday December 1, 2005

East Kingdom Touring

mfest2005 070 (58K)

I think I had heard a question about the Liberty Square potato wagon shortly before this trip, so when I saw the wagon I snapped this, after this I'm prety sure that we hit the Haunted Mansion, I didn't get any photos there though. Next up we headed to the Country Bear Jamboree where the Christmas show was in season, it was nice to see this show again.

mfest2005 071 (59K) mfest2005 072 (53K) mfest2005 073 (53K) mfest2005 074 (50K) mfest2005 075 (60K) mfest2005 076 (48K)

By the time the bears show had ended Carlene had gotten enough of an appetite that we stopped at pecos Bills to grab a bite, thats where the "maximum capacity" sign is from.

mfest2005 077 (48K) mfest2005 079 (34K) mfest2005 080 (41K) mfest2005 081 (46K) mfest2005 082 (38K) mfest2005 083 (49K)

After Pecos Bills it looks like we mostly just took a walk through Adventureland, as the times on the shots are close together.

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