Honeymoon - October 30, 2002- Epcot
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SHOW NOTES Episode 08 Epcot Oct. 30, 2002 Yester"LAND"

Ok, so this page is going to re-cap a lot of things you saw on the previous page, just taken with my camera instead of Carlenes.

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Below: no we didn't stop to eat here, I just couldn't pass up the first Mickey photo of the trip!

579563-R1-22A (582K) 579563-R1-23A (667K)

After the Behind The Seeds Tour we headed outside for another smoke break, I had Carlene wait some extra time so I could record the whole loop I'm still not sure I got it all, but then again it's not like theres not a few good recordings of this loop around, so not the worst audio goof I made this trip, perhaps not even in the top three.

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