Honeymoon - October 29, 2002- Arrival Day
- Brians Photos - Roll 02

I continued to stroll around and take in the resort, we still had some time before I needed to get ready for dinner, and the longer I took on my walk the better nap Carlene might get while I was out.

Below: recreational opportunities abound at the marina 579559-R1-0A (663K) 579559-R1-1A (618K)

Above: yes thats one of the Magnolia bend buildings, see what I meant... and you can make out one of the other recreational opportunities in this photo, a bicycle surrey.

579559-R1-2A (564K)
Above: River Roost home of Adult Beverages and Jazz
Below: A model in a showcase in the lobby (Near an A.T.M. if I remember correctly)

579559-R1-3A (524K)

The outside of the Main building has been said to evoke the profile of a steam ship... other than the obvious comparison of the water wheel to the wheel on a side-wheel steamer I don't really see it, however, the inside is supposed to be set up like the a steamship depot, and that is pulled off quite well. The check in area in particular which would be the ticket purchasing area in the steamship depot, so names of towns up and down the river are on the walls around the room. Those big things on the ceiling in the photo below would have been the 19th century's equivalent to a Ceiling fan.

579559-R1-4A (539K) 579559-R1-5A (481K) 579559-R1-6A (645K)
Above: Still doesn't look like a ship to me...am I missing something?
Below: the window straight ahead is our room.

579559-R1-7A (727K) 579559-R1-8A (758K)
Above: Hidden Mickey's in the quilt
Below: Shower Curtain Detail...I bet lot's of folks sing "Everybody's got a laughing place" in the shower upon noticing this.

579559-R1-9A (528K)

We had plans for Dinner, We were meeting a few of my cousins who live in the area Marlene and her daughter Missy. So, after confirming with them on the phone, we hopped on a boat to Downtown Disney, these boats are one of the nifty things about staying at Port Orleans. We had decided to meet by the worlds largest peri-kaleidescope which was a landmark we all knew. Well, ok, Carlene didn't know it yet. You can see from the picture below, I wasn't the only one with a camera, Carlenes photos will come in a few pages hence.

579559-R1-10A (593K) 579559-R1-11A (632K) 579559-R1-12A (601K)

I had a hard time remembering how we got back to the resort, at first thought that we might have all hopped a boat back, but some photos, that Carlene took reminded me of what really happened we hopped in Marlenes car and took that over to the resort where I have a much clearer memory of a nice meal at Port Orleans River sides full service restaurant Boatwrights, as it's name implies the main room of the dining area has lots of woodworking tools on the walls for shaping wood into ships, if I had taken better pictures outside you would have seen that the area on the outside of the building had what appears to be large doors to get the ships out of the Boatwrights shop (but I didn't). After dinner I belive Marlene and Missy headed back on their own and we got some sleep for the next day, which was planned for Epcot! I'll leave some of the notes for the first part of our day at Epcot for Carlenes first page.

Honeymoon - October 30, 2002- Epcot

579559-R1-13A (480K) 579559-R1-14A (693K) 579559-R1-15A (589K) 579559-R1-16A (575K) 579559-R1-17A (623K)
Above : you see a picture of me taking this picture on the next page
Below: By the time we get to these pictures Carlenes first roll of film is done, So I'll resume my narrative here. First Mouse Gears Breezeway entrance...

579559-R1-18A (549K)
Above : ...now across the plaza in the other Breezeway I think I was trying to get a picture of one of those giant bouncing balls they were demonstrating, but apparently was a bit slow on the shutter.

At this point I saw something that really caught my eye, here came the Jamitors, also known as the Trash can band, and my first opportunity to take some audio with my new toy..err I mean tool, my mini-disk player (ok so toys and tools are sometimes just about the same thing) ...

579559-R1-19A (527K) 579559-R1-20A (587K) 579559-R1-21A (591K) 579559-R1-22A (565K) 579559-R1-23A (617K)

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