Honeymoon - November 2, 2002
LBV and Disney-MGM Studios
Brians Photos - Roll 14

These first two pictures should give you some idea of where we were if the pictures on the last page had you going..."where is this?"
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below: as you can see the demolition of the Fairway Villas (or are those Club House Villas?) from the Disney Village hadn't began yet
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The bridges across the waterway serve to get golfers from the holes on one side of canal to the holes on the other.
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Below: The sign in this picture faces the canal so that the water craft from both the Port Orleans Resort, and from the Old Key West Disney Vacation Club Resort can see it. When we had ridden the boats to DTD the first night I saw lots of things along the way that looked neat like the Tree house Villas, but it was just too dark to get photos at that time. Oh and I forgot to mention Our skipper was a bit difficult to understand (he was an asian with a bit of an accent)but what we could understand was hilarious, I think he really had aspirations of being a Jungle Cruise skipper, great fun!
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Above and Below: the boat shown in these photos is headed from Old Key West, this time of the morning DTD isn't open yet I'm guessing they guy is probably a cast member, perhaps making some kind of morning check of the waterways?

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Above: this sign is positioned for folks on the walking path along the canal, I would imagine that the canal goes all the way to Old Key West, but we didn't go that far, in fact at this point we are headed back, after all we're going to the studios this morning.
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Below: At the time of this trip I didn't yet know just what the Bonnet Creek Resort that was mentioned on the signs in this construction zone was, I have since learned it's a parcel of land not owned by Disney but locked in on all sides by Disney Property, some non Disney time shares and resorts are being developed there.

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Below: Although I really enjoyed the studios, I was running low on film and so I just sort of let the camera go and relaxed and enjoyed the day that said I can only remember bits and pieces of what we did in part due to the fact that I don't have pictures to aid my memory. We did run into some streetmosphere on our way into the park in the morning, we spent a few minutes interacting with them and I think that was a neat way to set the tone for a great day. We did manage to hit most of the studio, including Who Want's to be a Millionaire for which we attended two or three shows, One Mans Dream, The Little Mermaid, Tower of Terror (Carlene just did the preshow), Rock and Roller Coaster, Muppetvision, Tram Tour, and I think the sound stage tour as well, also Sounds Dangerous, and Beauty and the Beast, one note about Beauty and the Beast, in the warm up act four for a dollar I think we had the "second string" I guess it was the regular guys day off, one of the singers we had seen perform earlier in the week as a Voice of Liberty, I thought that was neat, At the Art of Disney Store Carlene got my Christmas present (a book on Disney Legend, Herb Ryman) We had a nice Table Service meal at Mama Melroses before catching Fantasmic. On the way out of the park I had ONE more picture left on the camera, and I think I picked the perfect shot, I set the timer took my time setting it up and let Carlene know we would have to stand still for several seconds, and it almost came out perfect except about a second and a half in a couple walked through the frame, still an interesting shot though.

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