Honeymoon - November 1, 2002 - Animal Kingdom
Brians Photos - Roll 11

Ok, now we're going to rewind a little and you can see my pictures from Pangani Forest Trail and Kilimanjaro Safaris.

169910-R1-1 (473K) 169910-R1-2 (412K) 169910-R1-3 (699K) 169910-R1-4 (560K) 169910-R1-5 (719K)
Above and Below: Meercats... or is the plural just Meercat as well?
169910-R1-6 (542K) 169910-R1-7 (631K) 169910-R1-8 (599K) 169910-R1-9 (758K) 169910-R1-10 (702K)
Above and Below: with such great views of Gorillas on this trail perhaps they should have called it Gorilla Trail...just kidding...for anyone who might not know, very early on the name of this trail WAS briefly Gorilla Falls Expedition trail.
169910-R1-11 (762K) 169910-R1-12 (673K) 169910-R1-13 (618K) 169910-R1-14 (681K) 169910-R1-15 (650K) Above: Crocodile, which at Disney World can be easily told apart from Alligators, by the fact that they aren't grouped together in an aqua cell in the Land Pavilion (like the ones a few pages back in this trip report), and that they don't have a Turkey Leg from the Frontierland Turkey Leg cart in their mouths...if you don't know what I'm referring to with that quip you probably havent read my Aug. 2001 trip report yet...

Below: Name that bathroom...well if you can you're one up on me, I forgot exactly which rest room this is from ... it's probably in Africa though or between Africa and Camp Minnie-Mickey. So it's likely either the ones near Tamu Tamu or in Pizzafarri.

169910-R1-19 (568K)

As I mentioned before we headed to Camp Minnie-Mickey next and took in The Festival of the Lion King, where we ran into an RADPer I know.

169910-R1-20 (648K) 169910-R1-21 (577K)
Above and Below:...Ok, as to "WHY?" would I take a picture of a bathroom, here's a good example, there's some great themed architecture going on here in this restroom out at the far end of Camp Minnie-Mickey, not only do you get the old time summer camp feel from the rustic timbers , but also the older style of tiles (and older style pattern they are in) in the floor, and in the shot below look in the lower left corner, do you really think they would use an old steel radiator to heat a bathroom built in 1998, and in Florida at that? to me that's a great detail. 169910-R1-22 (476K) 169910-R1-23 (623K)

We're not big on standing in line to meet characters, in fact I wouldn't have even went down the character trails to see if there were lines, but, apparently when there are no lines they come right out to the trail heads in the central area of the Camp.

169910-R1-24 (641K)

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