Honeymoon - October 31, 2002 - Magic Kingdom
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169911-R1-0A (641K) Below: When we came out of Grizzly Hall the streets of Frontierland were deserted ...and
... I had the presence of mind to take a photo of it!
169911-R1-1A (495K) 169911-R1-2A (540K)
Above and Below: On our way out of the park, we took a few more photos with the streets to ourselves, though I think the pictures I took of Tomorrowland earlier right before we took in Alien Encounter wee better (at least I think we did that attraction, I can't remember exactly what we did in Tomorrowland).
169911-R1-3A (347K) 169911-R1-4A (363K) 169911-R1-5A (489K) 169911-R1-6A (374K) 169911-R1-7A (565K)
Below: LOOK! they left the fog machine and lighting effects going just for us!
169911-R1-8A (576K) 169911-R1-9A (613K) 169911-R1-10A (583K) 169911-R1-11A (598K) 169911-R1-12A (663K)

Despite what I sad earlier about us having the park to ourselves there were a few other people on the ferry back with us...but very few. Now, I like the monorails, but I like the ferries too and I had a reason for wanting to get on the ferry, one of the things I had put together for my History of WDW site was a page on the shipping of the Seven Seas Lagoon, so I wanted to get a few more pictures of the ferries, now I didn't really come out with any great photos, but I came up with something better I met a fellow who had contributed information for my page on WDW water craft, Captain Matt. With so few people on this cruise I also got to talk to the skipper actually at the helm of the General Joe potter before we cast off and it turns out she was a Charlottean ( pronounced Char-low-tea-ann..meaning a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina where I reside) and, she had graduated from Garinger High School, before moving to Florida some years before. I didn't think to get a photo of her, but you can see her in the wheel house in the last image of the ship taken as we exited.

169911-R1-13A (469K) 169911-R1-14A (570K) 169911-R1-15A (596K) 169911-R1-16A (579K) 169911-R1-17A (646K)

Honeymoon - November 1, 2002 - Animal Kingdom

Now despite the fact that we had taken a nap the day before, I'm thinking getting back to the room so late (just estimating I'm guessing it was close to 2) we probably fell asleep quite quickly, and I think that we must have slept quite soundly, because Carlene seemed to quite enjoy Animal Kingdom, and I doubt that she would have been able to do that is she hadn't been somewhat rested. In fact Animal Kingdom is the one park that Carlene probably took more pictures than me it's probably also the park where she got the best results with her camera for a variety of reasons, first off before this trip she hadn't picked up her camera in a number of years , this despite the fact that at one time she had been quite a photographer, still there was a certain amount of re-learning to do on this trip. Secondly, almost all of the photography at DAK is outdoors which was quite helpful, as well. Lastly, because she did enjoy Animal Kingdom I think perhaps it did inspire her to take more photos, and she could tell that she was probably getting good photos, which probably helped her enjoy the park even more, and so this park was sort of running on this positive feedback loop for her.

Below, remainder of this page: Brians first photos of Disney's Animal Kingdom this trip.
169911-R1-18A (740K) 169911-R1-19A (591K) 169911-R1-20A (665K) 169911-R1-21A (706K) 169911-R1-22A (619K)
Above and Below: An Okapi, a member of the Giraffe family.
169911-R1-23A (715K)

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