Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom

A Very Magic Day

While waiting for Carlene I continued to take photos and stayed in the area near the entrance gates as I waited for her. About an hour after I got to the front of the park I decided to call her a second time to get an update on where she was, she told me she was by the statue of Walt, I think I said something like, "WHAT?...never mind ...I'll be there in a minute". I made sure when I got to her though that she knew how happy I was to see her. I think she may have been a bit distracted when she came in because she was a bit upset about the phone not working as planned. We couldn't figure out how Carlene missed seeing me when I told her right where I'd be, I did admit to her that because I had been standing there so long I had spent a lot of time taking pictures of the trains and monorails.

PICT0251_0047 (128K) PICT0252_0046 (128K) PICT0253_0045 (153K) PICT0254_0044 (152K) PICT0255_0043 (218K) PICT0256_0042 (213K) PICT0257_0041 (99K) PICT0258_0040 (113K) PICT0259_0039 (115K) PICT0260_0038 (99K) PICT0261_0037 (131K) PICT0262_0036 (128K) PICT0263_0035 (126K) PICT0264_0034 (126K)

When I got to writing this trip report and stated checking the images to make sure the links on this page (the ones to the larger images of the pictures) worked properly, and I got down to the image just above this text I just about fell off my chair. "Carlene, you gotta come see this!" I yelled, the shot above, while being a rather poor image of Monorail Green, has a woman in a red fleece jacket in the center of the frame, that woman is Carlene...and I didn't know she was in the picture until just now when writing this. The picture below was taken 34 minutes later, so at least I know how long she had to wait for me!

I also took some Videos of the trains going by on the one side, and the monorails on the other. Below are the three videos I took, to view any one of them click it twice, the first time activates the controls the second click actually plays it.

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