Mousefest 2006 - Animal Kingdom with Carlene

Animal Kingdom - A Sweet Ending?

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We had hit most of the things Carlene most wanted to see here I would have like to show her some other things too (I don't think she's ever seen the Flights of Wonder show for one). Still I knew there was a lot I'd like to see at Epcot with her too so we got ready to head out, first we made a stop at the Beastly Bazaar which is where this parks Goofy's candy company is located Carlene did the math and I think these caramel squares came out to something like 50 a piece (that didn't keep us from eating them though!).

On our way out we stopped to look at some of the wildlife on the oasis area trails.The Hyacinth Mc Caws in particular are quite beautiful , and I think I would have remembered their name even without taking the photo of the sign since the Hyacinth is perhaps my wife's favorite plant.

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Above and Below: I stopped to get a slushy coffee type drink (probably a mocha something by the look of it ) at the Out Door Vending (ODV) location outside animal Kingdoms entrance on the way to the parking lot, while I was waiting I noticed someone had added their own "Hidden Mickey" of sorts to the stands emergency button.
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