Mousefest 2006 - Animal Kingdom with Carlene

Trekking through Animal Kingdom

One thing I knew I wanted to see this trip was the Galapagos Tortoises, so we had started to head towards the back half of Discovery Island, a cast member had shown us where to go into the trail (by pointing on the map), but I thought that I remembered that the trail behind the Tree of Life went all the way across, and it does, but I think is is supposed to be only one way, anyhow that's how it looked to us so we headed across the river into Asia (briefly) then up the trail to Africa where we grabbed Fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safaris, it didn't have a particularly long line, but I wanted to see the Nemo show first, and in fact decided instead of trying to rush through the Discovery Island Trail now (before heading to Finding Nemo: The Musical) that we could just visit it later, since we'd have to come back over here to visit the Safari. So we headed back the way we came.

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Above and below: Photos Above are from while we we headed towards Africa to pick up our Safari Fastpasses, photos below are from after we got the fastpasses and started to make our way out of Africa and over to Dinoland.
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Above and below: This bench is on the corner in the Main intersection at the front of Discovery Island, this bench and the tall plants behind it screen the uppermost seating areas of Flame Tree Barbecue from view of the intersection, and I think that the last carving above is supposed to be a hippo, does anyone know for sure?
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Above and below: Still headed towards Finding Nemo the Musical, I actually like the Chester and Hester theme in Dinoland, the U-Haul look-alike below is positioned behind an Outdoor Vending cart and I image is a freezer for ice Cream or the like.

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