Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

After the Family fun day parade had ended it wasn't all that much longer until Flag Retreat ceremony so I looked around and took a few pictures then got in a good place to watch the ceremony from.

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Above: I had pre-purchased a copy of Mr. Ridgway's new book the day before at the Mega Mouse Meet, so I made sure to take a photo of his window.
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Above: The Magic Kingdom has a veteran of the day (a guest) participate in this ceremony, in the photo above it would be the gentleman in brown who is standing between the Disney Security guards.
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After the flag retreat ceremony something a little bit funny happened, as I was walking past the Christmas Tree just after the flag retreat ceremony, since it was during the Christmas season the tree was up, nearby in a notch under the tree is the statue of Roy O. Disney seated on the bench with Minnie Mouse, as I am walking away with from the tree I hear someone say, stand right there and I'll get your picture with Roy and Mickey" it took me a few seconds to realize what they said, and then I said (not necessarily to them, but more out loud for the benefit of my podcast listeners, since I was recording), "that's not Walt that's Roy" then a pause as my brain processed for about another 5-10 seconds and I finally said "and come to think of it that's not Mickey, that's Minnie!".

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