Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom Meets


After the Mansion meet concluded most of the folks there continued on to the Columbia Harbour House for the Chicken strips meet and eat, but I headed back to Adventureland. When I got to the Jungle Cruise Indy Bill was getting ready to get in line for the, but had just seen some of the RADPers heading towards Aloha Isle, so I met up with them after a quick dole whip break we all headed to the Jungle Cruise to see if anyone else was waiting, one other RADPer was there, and the wisdom of getting a fastpass and coming back was debated, it turned out that the Pirates of the Caribbean had broke down while the RADPers were on that, so I without man=king it obvious I let the cm at the fastpass know how my friends had gotten off schedule, I don't recall if the fact that I had a valid fastpass played into it or not but either way he offered to let our group (which numbered in the teens) into the fastpass queue right then!, I went back to the group and with this information the time management debate came to a quick end, as we were entering the queue Indy Bill was coming out I saw him and urged him to come on with us, so he got to ride it twice almost back to back. I got the feeling our guide was not exactly an "old hand" but she seemed to feed well off our crazy group and at the end of the cruise while waiting for space at the dock to open up gave us a preview of the Wishes fireworks show! She said "first imagine me as the castle" then as someone giggled "see it's funny already", she sang into her microphone "wis--hes" then with her free hand held up a fist then opened it to simulate a fireworks explosion making a "whisht" sound effect as she did it I tried to video it but only caught the last few seconds of it, good fun! Still I'll have the audio for the podcast. (you tube video at the bottom of this page). I'm afraid we (ok specifically "I") stepped on a joke or two, like when she asked if anyone knew what kind of snake that was "it starts with a P" I couldn't resist saying "plastic" which is of course the punch line, but we were just having a really fun cruise.

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