2001: A Life Odyssey
Part I

In the year 2000 my first wife, Carmella left me. If you have read my old about me page you would probably wonder how someone who was so happy being married could get a divorce. Well I couldn't have, but there are two people in a marriage, and they both have to be happy my wife was never a particularly happy person and she felt we grew apart. I knew she was unhappy, and I wanted to work on the marriage but you can't make someone work on a marriage if they don't want to. So I waited, thinking that when she was ready I would be there for her unfortunately she asked for a divorce instead. She felt a strong need to be on her own and I wish her well at it.

2000 and 2001 were some real roller coaster years form me. At the beginning of 2000 I had a great trip to WDW (up). Then my wife left me (down). Then I got promoted to shift supervisor(up, pay, and down, stress), eventually demoted back to my previous position, which though it took time to adjust turned out to be an up.

I bought an annual pass and made four trips to Disney during 2001. Including one with my sister in July that will probably be my most fondly remembered trip to WDW of the year as that is the only trip I was not alone on . Still, there are some pretty good moments on the other WDW trips too as well as good friends who made time in their schedules for touring with me. And, I got to introduce my cousin who lives just a few minutes from the parks to the studios, she has only lived down there a few years but I was still surprised she had not been there yet, that was a blast.

Also in July of 2001 I made an awesome trip of some roller coaster parks with my friends Tim and Tracey Kugel. We went to:

  • Six Flags Over America -- Largo MD
  • Six Flags -- Kentucky Kingdom
  • Paramounts' Kings Island -- Kings Mills ( just NE of Cincinnati ) OH
  • Cedar Point -- Sandusky OH
  • Six Flags Worlds of Adventure - Aurora ( SE of Cleveland )
  • Kennywood -- Pittsburgh PA
  • Knoble Park -- Elysburg PA
Also on the way up north to join them in Maryland I stopped at Paramounts' Kings Dominion. so I got three parks in on my Paramount season pass this year (Paramounts' Carowinds is here in Charlotte) and we got Three Six flags parks in on the six flags annual passes. And besides that I think we had just as much fun in our non theme park endeavors on that trip. From sitting around with their friends in MD watching DVDs and going out for Sushi and Pizza (not at the same meal mind you), touring Antietam Battlefield , showing them around the town where I went to H.S. (Huntington WV), touring the Louisville Slugger factory , meeting up and touring with a friend and former co-worker of Tims' at Kennywood, and touring with a friend of mine who came along with up both to Worlds of Adventure and Kennywood.

But for all the good things and good friends and family that touched my life the best of 2001 was still yet to come.

2001: A Life Odyssey
Part II

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