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Friday, July 15th
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As I mentioned earlier in the report one of the things I wanted to do more of on this trip was eat in the restaurants in the park. The only full service restaurant at Disneyland is the Blue Bayou, I had eaten here once as a kid with my mom and sister.

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Over lunch Carlene and I told Carlene about how nice my morning had been and she let me know she had accomplished her missions for the morning successfully, and this was a nice place to catch back up. I knew my mom liked the Blue Bayou and we gave her a call from there that she really seemed to enjoy getting as well. After a meal that was much enjoyed by both of us we headed back out into New Orleans Square. Many of you know that club 33 is named in part for it's address of 33 Royal Street, but did you know that the Blue Bayou's address is 31 Royal Street, and La Boutique Noel is at 37?

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Well now you do! I also I had a particular Disneyland postcard photo I wanted to re-create, one with a cast member dressed up as a Southern Belle on a winding staircase in a New Orleans courtyard. I wanted to re-create it with Carlene as the Southern Belle, I think it came out fairly well,and, on the right (or below if you have a really narrow screen resolution), for comparison here's the original postcard

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I took a few more pictures as we headed out of the park...

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.... but first, I crossed the park to get a Space Mountain fast pass, I saw a person getting a fast pass ahead of me who had a Laughing Place pin on their backpack, it turned out to be one of Laughing place.coms most prolific posters, Labuda, and a friend of hers (whose lp name escapes me at the moment). Fastpasses in hand, Carlene and I crossed Harbor Blvd. and headed back to our room for our midday break, which mostly consisted of moving our stuff from our first nights room to the one we'd have for the remainder of our stay at the Disneyland resort. Despite missing the opening ceremony of Space Mountain, today was shaping up to be the best day of the trip so far...

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...And so it continued to be, I put on my new shoes and we crossed Harbor once again.

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Headed, this time, not to Disneyland but across the Esplanade to Disney's California Adventure to take in more of that park.

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