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Wednesday, July 13th

By the time I returned to the River Belle Terrace Carlene had finished her breakfast and headed back over to the smoking area. As I started to head over that way I could see her easily from a long distance off and decided this was a good chance to try out the zoom feature on the camera, the next shot after that is a wide view from the same spot(or at least close to it, less than a minute elapsed between shots), I'm pretty happy with the results.

dl05 078 (103K) dl05 079 (78K)

Since the Columbia was backing out of Fowlers Harbor beginning its cruises for the day, I snapped a few shots of it, and then of the nice busy river, I particularly like the last view of the Columbia shown below with the Davy Crockett Explorers Canoe, Tom Sawyer Island Raft and the Columbia all together, unfortunately the rivers of America at the Magic Kingdom in WDW is never this busy, the canoes there have been retired for some years now, in fact one of the CM's (cast members) who was loading me on a canoe later in the trip mentioned that there's were closed because of the alligator problem there, that does make a certain amount of sense since the gators were an endangered species when the park first opened in Florida but much more common now. I even have a picture of one of the gators I took with what looks like a turkey leg (Turkey legs are sold from a cart in Frontierland there) in its mouth from a trip to WDW in 2001.

dl05 080 (85K) dl05 081 (88K) dl05 082 (62K) dl05 083 (78K) dl05 084 (77K) dl05 085 (90K) dl05 086 (74K) dl05 087 (92K) dl05 088 (93K) dl05 089 (98K)this is my favorite of the " BUSY RIVER " shots dl05 090 (78K) dl05 091 (88K) dl05 092 (68K)

I kept taking pictures, and after Carlene finished her smoke break she met me, and we headed over towards Pirates of the Caribbean, I was starting to thing we should start heading back to the park entrance since we did want to take care of the ticket situation and head over to Character Warehouse before going to visit our friends in Buena park, but I knew we at least had time to visit Pirates first. It was a sort of first for Carlene as she had only been on the Florida version of the attraction. The people in front of us on our boat kept taking flash pictures it did not bother me, except in the sense that I knew there was something I really wanted a good picture of myself on this ride, a few figures that were added to this Pirates after they were removed from the World of Motion at Walt Disney World, I wanted the pictures for a WOM yahoo group I am a moderator in. So, since the waters had been quite well tested in our boat with regards to flash photography, and no one seemed to mind I took a few flash pictures myself, but I still don't know if you could say I got a good picture of those WOM figures (5th and 6th pictures down).

dl05 094 (77K) dl05 095 (91K) dl05 096 (42K) dl05 097 (46K) dl05 098 (21K) dl05 099 (63K) dl05 100 (57K) dl05 102 (46K)

Upon exiting the attraction we made a priority seating for Friday at the Blue Bayou since Carlene had gotten a nice look at it from the attraction and expressed an interest in eating there (actually this is probably what I would have done next anyway as riding the attraction had reminded me this was one of the things I wanted to do). We then headed back through Adventureland towards Main Street in search of a solution to the ticket dilemma.

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