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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
Tomorrowland, Pretty as a Postcard

From the time we got queued up for Innoventions to getting back outside was about 30 minutes. As we came back out I saw that this was an absolutely great vantage point for photo taking,With that in mind Carlene headed down to the smoking area pictured on the previous page and I picked out a few shots I liked. Not only does this area provide nice views, but I suspect a few of the vintage postcards of Tomorrowland feature images taken from here. I don't even ever remember being up here as a child, we may have ridden the Carousel of Progress but if we did I was too young to remember it, I do however, remember seeing people come down the ramp outside the building, so obviously that memory is from before the Carousel was closed for its' move to Florida. The attraction that I do remember here was, of course, America Sings, but it exited from the buildings lower level as well as having the entrance there. The shot that most reminded me of a postcard one was one of the Monorail in front of the submarine lagoon, of course at that time Tomorrowlands slogan was " A World on the Move " and in living up to that, the image also had the Peoplemover, Submarines, and Skyway buckets in it. Well the skyway won't come back but it's nice to know that the Submarine lagoon will have a new version of that ride in 2007, and hopefully before they finish building that they'll come up with some sort of replacement for the Peoplemover, that seems to be the most sorely lacking thing in Tomorrowland to me.

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The " kinetic sculpture " (pictured below) which would seem to be another thing to fix in once again making Tomorrowland " A World on the Move " wasn't working while we were there, in fact I think it had not been in some time, some folks expressed a strong dislike for the Rocket Jets being at the entrance of Tomorrowland, I didn't mind that so much, but then again, I wouldn't mind them being put back atop this central tower of Tomorrowland if the Disney folks want to re-work the entrance again and that's the best thing they come up for for this space. Obviously Tomorrowland is still a work in progress, but there are some things I like here as well.

dl05-b 047 (55K) dl05-b 048 (35K)

I think the Rocket in front of the Pizza Port Restaurant is a nice touch for this land, and the misters below it even give it its' own " kinetic " touch. In the shot below, which was really just taken to explore the limits of picture taking from the Innoventions vantage point, and in which I probably surpassed what is interesting to look at from it, there are three things I like about Tomorrowland, Though one of them I would not discover until later.

First off, I liked the Circle vision movies, and wouldn't mind seeing them again either in classic or updated versions in fact if Disney ever builds another theme park in America they should either go with a version of the Disney's America theme park they had envisioned or if they do another version of the Magic Kingdom/ Disneyland style park they could have a vastly expanded Liberty Square area with not only an America the Beautiful or American Journeys type Circle vision movie but also another former Tomorrowland attraction America Sings. But for Tomorrowland this Buzz Lightyear attraction seems muck more appropriate, just as the new " Spacier " music in Space Mountain seems more appropriate to it (and I liked the Dick Dale music just from listening to it on CDs so many times over the years). Secondly, I love all the murals around Tomorrowland from the Submarine, to the Star Tours Mural and perhaps this " Space Mountain mother ships in space " one most of all, again much more appropriate that the beautiful Mary Blair murals that adorned these walls for so many years (yes I know they tied them in to Tomorrowland by giving them name like " Children are the hope for the future ", but this still seems more Tomorrowland to me. As for the speakers...we'll get back to those a bit later.

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The whole trip long the only two monorails I saw in operation were the red one and the purple one. At Monorail Society's yahoo group I had heard that Orange had been taken apart as a sort of model to help reverse engineer new trains, and apparently the other train is is bad enough shape that it is being cannibalized for parts. Still if that helps keep these old trains in good running condition until the new trains arrive that will be a good thing. These Mark V trains were attached to the same undercarriages that the old Mark III's used so parts of these trains are nearing their 40 year mark. Since I had pretty much exhausted the photographic possibilities that occurred to me I headed down to meet Carlene and move on to our next destination.

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