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Sunday, July 17 2005
Fifty years for them...A chance to enjoy Disneyland with its' biggest fans for all of us
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SHOW NOTES Episode 17 - Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, Golden Horseshoe July 17, 2005.

Once on Main Street we walked up to the Tiki room where the first folks were already heading into the Tiki Garden, I really enjoyed getting to show Kyle around to where all the Tiki Idols in the preshow were so he could see all of it and catch this neat detail that many folks who visit the Tiki room may never catch in its entirety.

dl05 359 (101K) dl05 360 (96K)

The Tiki room meet was great while we were waiting for it I found out that there had been a Carousel meet before that and that enough folks had showed up to fill an entire Carousel. I also found out that right after this meet there would be a Jungle Cruise meet, Carlene was ready for an afternoon nap, we had been up since 4:30 after all, so after the Tiki room Carlene went back to the room and Kyle and I both got to be "Hitchhiking guests" for the Jungle Cruise meet, since neither of us had originally signed up for it . After this Kyle and I went and got Fastpasses for Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, then checked out the show times at the Horseshoe a show had just started. I noticed some climbers on the Matterhorn about this time and took this shot using my zoom even from Frontierland this is a good shot of the hookup for the wires that have " enhanced " Tinkerbell's flight during the fireworks show this year.

dl05 361 (40K) dl05 361-alt (46K)

Splash Mountain had an awful line, of course, but we peeked around the corner to see if fastpasses were still available or not, they were not of course. I had also noticed that Space Mountains fastpass sign showed that it was done issuing fastpasses for the day when we ate at Rocket Redd's (the fastpass return times were filled in with dashes). Be aware that, if you are there on a busy day, these two attractions will issue all of their fastpasses early in the day. I still think fastpass is a nice feature to have on rides like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain but, you probably need to get your fastpasses for one of these two rides first thing in the morning for the one, and then go ride the other even if the line is long, that way you only have one long wait in the day.

dl05 362 (76K) dl05 363 (106K)

We went and rode the Haunted Mansion which the standby wait time listed as a 13 minute wait we both enjoyed this and, much like we had all day, we went over trivia about the ride while we waited in line. I really enjoyed touring with Kyle. After the Mansion we headed over to the Golden Horseshoe and queued up for Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, this show was actually one of the few non-thrill ride things Kyle was already familiar with and already a fan of so here I got to be the newbie, not having seen the Hillbillies perform before (though I had heard a recording or two ...gosh I love the internet). We weren't near the very front of the line so I knew we wouldn't be able to be the first ones to the box seats, but I also know that when small groups set at these tables they are often amiable to sharing the remaining seats with others, So while Kyle went to check out the upstairs boxes adjacent to the stage I checked the downstairs ones, the upstairs ones it turned out were closed, but the one I went to first only had a party of two and they were willing to let us join them.

dl05 364 (69K) dl05 365 (50K) dl05 366 (51K) dl05 367 (46K) dl05 370 (60K) dl05 372 (48K) dl05 373 (61K) dl05 376 (44K) dl05 377 (45K) dl05 380 (57K)

I enjoyed the show and it was nice to be seated near the performers, still next time I think I'd like to set on the main floor, for one thing pictures from another angle would complement these well, and I think the sound quality of the recording might actually be better "outside the box" (yes, I think there might be a pun in there somewhere). Still as much as I enjoyed this show I'd love to see a show of the type that used to play here or at the Magic Kingdom. The Hillbillies would make a good central act of a revived horseshoe variety show ,perhaps some of the guys in the hillbillies now could double up and learn some of the other parts, not the part of the dancing girls though please! (perhaps there is some comedic potential there though) .

After the Horseshoe, it was not quite yet time for our Indy fastpasses yet, but, I knew the perfect place on the way there to continue Kyles' Disneyland history education...

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