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Trying to find Walt Disney World postcards you don't have can be a difficult, time consuming, and sometimes frustrating task...and this is something we do for fun! So before you get too stressed out, here are a few leads to help you track down some of those elusive cards.
Email - Mail Order Dealers
With this type of dealer you can get a list of their cards, and place your order via email, they'll confirm your total and that all your cards are in stock, or if some of the cards are out of stock let you know what the reduced total is then you send them payment and they send your cards. The dealers I know of this type also will send a list via snail mail if you can't open their lists, but require a couple of dollars to pay their printing and mailing costs for the catalog if you go that route (plus I just hate to wait!).
Here are a couple of my favorite dealers, they both have a wide variety of cards.

Approvals Dealers
Approvals are another way to purchase post cards, you let a dealer know what subjects you are interested in , and they send you a stack of postcards that may interest you, you pick out the ones you want and send the rest back with a check for the ones you purchased, plus the amount they paid to send the cards to you. I enjoyed doing this but, as my collection got more focused (more on WDW than all Disney parks) and more developed (fewer and fewer WDW cards that I don't have) I felt that I might be wasting dealers time pursuing this route. Here are the email addresses of a few dealers I have bought Disney theme park cards form in the past.

postcard@itouch.netWilliam Petersen

postcard@carolina.rr.comJerry Noftsger

Shop / Show dealers with email addresses
These are dealers I have met by attending postcard shows or stopping by thier shops. Three of these folks also sell on Ebay.

stephanoneis@yahoo.com Steve Neis A real nice (Neis) guy who, unfortunately (for me) seems to locate more great Disneyland cards than WDW ones, although he has a shop (in Columbia SC) that is open to the public Mon. to Fri. he prefers that you make an appointment to let him know when you are coming, so he will be there. His assistants are usually tied up with their duties running his internet sales. His Ebay ID is SCVIEW .
Shop phone 803-782-6090

info@drexelantiques.com Jeff Savage III, Drexel Grapevine Antiques . Jeff's shop is in Valdese NC (Drexel being an unincorporated area just outside it) He doesn't have a huge number of Disney cards, but, because I kept coming in he started a Disney category so he can probably get back to you with what he does have fairly easily. He sells on Ebay but I don't know his Ebay ID

jvanscotte@aol.comJo Ann Van Scotter I bought most of my EPCOT pre-opening cards from her. I worked with her via email to pick my cards. Her card says she does approvals too. I have not tried that service from her, my collection is advanced enough that sometimes approvals make me feel that I am wasting the dealers time. Although she has some post cards in antique stores I met her through ebay where she goes by the Ebay ID jopost .

jank258@aol.com Fred Kahn --- Mr Kahn has an impressive selection of the early continental size (mid 1980's) WDW cards as well as some booklets, 5 X 7 rounded corner (the cartoon cards series), and a few odd cards (I got my James Pike Cinderella Castle postcard from him). He also carries other Disney parks besides WDW, I got most of my Tokyo cards from him. He mostly sells at shows, which is where I met him.

Shop / Show dealers with no email

Charlie's Cards--Even though Charlie doesn't have email he is worth seeking out for his large Disney post card selection. He's from Georgia but does post card shows in many locations (706) 335-3976

Collectors Willing to Sell (or trade) cards

martsolf@mindspring.com Yes, Don't forget about me particularly if you are looking for WDW cards!

A few last words and a plea for help

Maybe you know a few dealers whose stock you already know pretty well, and you have bought most of what you want from them, if so be good to them, and to the rest of us, share those dealers contact info here. By helping them dispose of cards that you did not buy from them in the Disney category, you will be encouraging those dealers to keep their eyes peeled when they see Disney cards out there also, since you already have an existing connection with them you will likely still be at the top of their list when they get new Disney cards, especially if you let them know that it is you who are responsible for their increase in sales of Disney related cards, making this a win-win for all of us, creating dealers who specialize in what we love, because they will know they can sell them.

E-mail Me martsolf@mindspring.com

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