Calling All CARS
A movie premiere report

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Several Cars related vehicles were on hand, including the one above, a real world mock-up of one of the animated cars, and the one below more similar to the ones actually running in the race, race teams actually usually have multiple cars, in part because different race tracks require different types of vehicles, so they may have one car they use on the big super-speedways like Charlotte, another fro short tracks and yet another for road courses, this lets them use the ones not actually being used in the race for promotional events, , at the track, and for that matter all around town during race week.

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More sponsorship synergy Goodyear tires all around and the DLP projection technology plays a part in the nights event too.

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Since I knew I wouldn't be able to take my camera in once I had looked at the initial sights I decided to walk around to the front of the track and see if there were any good views from there, on the way there I saw.

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...more media

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...some of the top Nascar drivers souvenier trucks.

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...a map (actually there were quite a few of these)

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Above: A not very good vantage point looking in,though you can at least see the framework that will hold one of the movie screens later.
Below: A cars banner spread out in the grass alongside the track.

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A banner for another Nascar related movie at one of the sponsors tents, this looks like it could be funny.

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This one section of grandstand above and below will seat, the 30,000 to 40,000 people here tonight which is nothing compared to....

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The 100,000 or so that could be seater in the section above, I believe I heard that our track seats something like 180,000 people which would mean that on race day the population at the track would be enough to make it one of the 10 biggest cities in NC.

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Here's something that relates to WDW since theres a Richard Petty driving school branch there as well, and it also relates to the nights events.

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There were tractors pulling these trailers full of race fans all around the track area

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Above: Heading back to the back stretch Diamond Tower section of the track you get a view of more of the souvenir sales trucks and the end of the seating section that will be used for the nights festivities.

below: a full length view of the speedway childrens charities event tent.

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As I came back around I saw they were beginning to roll out the red carpet.

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Also about this time I noticed that I started seeing less Nascar attire on the folks walking around and a bit more Disney related apparel, and I started overhearing folks talking Disney (In real life...not on the internet, and I'm not in Florida??) well it didn't take long for me to introduce myself to a few and one of the first I met was Laughing Place's Doug Marsh

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