I chat in a chatroom called radp-friends on anothernet (update radp-friends is on different.net now). radp is short for Rec.Arts.Disney.Parks which is a newsgroup. Sometimes we have get togethers where we actually see each other face to face these are called meets. Most meets are held at WDW but not all. The following is a trip report from a local meet....
I got up early ready and eager to go to the NC RADP meet. I grabed my RADP pin and a few pictures and souveiners I wanted to show off. It was scheduled for 11 am in Winston-Salem in front of the Haynes Mall Disney store.My wife and I left way early because we had never been to the Haynes Mall (I live in Charlotte). I must have been pretty excited, because I normally have a reputation as a human road map but somehow managed to pass up I-40! Oh well, at least we got to see downtown ;-) And, we still got to the mall well before the meet time. Within a few minutes of 11 Chuck Strom showed up and we struck up a conversation this was really nice as both he and I are have lived in California (although his first trip to DL was considerablly earlier than mine ;-)). Shortly therafter Karen Tatum arrived (with her RADP pin on). We were all glad to see her but she said she couldn't stay for lunch (too many soccer games and such for dad to handle by himself). We chatted a bit but by 11:20 or so I was afraid Craig might not show so I had my wife take a picture of the three of us.We then got Karen to show us her pics from her recent trip (a limited selection from the 6 rolls of film she used.I didn't tell her I took 81 pictures in 2 days my last trip ;-) ). Then Craig Wingerson (mrladybug on irc)showed up with Alison (his wife) and Katlyn (his daughter). He looked thru karens pics (she really did have some very nice shots). And then we tried to see if we could trade WDW 25th anniversarry cards I had just one or two he needed and he didn't have any I needed (oh well theres always the big meet in dec ;-) ). While my attention was thus diverted my wife had found and bought a pooh sweatshirt. I turned around to see her wearing it and burst out laughing, Because, she had been sitting there a few minutes and I haden't noticed it.We knew he couldn't stay long from his previous e-mail and shortly thereafter . My The Wingersons and Karen left. Oh yeah I did get a pic of all the RADPers together thanks to my wife :-).
back to front: Me(Brian), Karen, Chuck, Craig,and the littlest NC RADPer Katlyn
back to front: Me(Brian), Karen, Chuck,Craig,and the littlest NC RADPer Katlyn

Then we (Chuck, my wife, and I went into TDS I noticed that they had packs of Hunchback cards marked down to .99 a pack. There were 11 cards to a pack but I don't know how mant to a set so I was hesitant to buy any not knowing that (I can be funny that way).Chuck made a purchase I am not sure what, then we all headed to Charleys to eat. The meal was good and somthing very unussual happened to me there. When I went to pay the server he asked me my name after looking at my credit card. So I told him Martsolf ..... his name is Martsolf too!!! I told him all the Martsolfs I know were relations in Pennsylvania (mostly). And, he told me all his relations were in Alaska but were orriginally from Ohio (not far from the part of Penn the Martsolfs I know are in!). After we parted ways with Chuck we headed home this time taking I-40 to I-77 (instead of the 85/52/40 route we had taken on the way up. On the way home we stoped at an antique mall in Statesville. It was quite large and had many collectibles as well as antiques (Disney merchandise for example). There were at least 3 different types of wdw lunchboxes I saw ($25 to 30), and many pins (the ones I liked were more than I wanted to pay...ok I am cheap). But the most unusual item that caught my eye was a pair of epcot plates one for World Showcase one for Future World ($200.....each I think).In the end I found a Walt Disney World board game $3.50 the box is in bad shape but the pieces are in good shape.
and if you want to see why craigs nick is mr.ladybug read the trip report on his web page

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