October 11, 2007


I headed over to the Caribbean Plaza next for the next (2:15 PM) showing of the Pirate Tutorial. Actually I got over there early and had an interesting conversation with one of the security cast over there in which I found out about the Rusty Cutlass Pirate Band that plays I at the Pirate and princess parties , it came up because I mentioned that one of the "macs" I had seen pictures of looks a lot like "fire chief Miller" from Main Street. I enjoyed the tutorial, but my pictures of the tutorial look a lot like everyone else takes photos of the tutorial, on then other hand I was quite pleased with the shot I got of the Enchanted Tiki Rooms structure when I queued up for the Jungle Cruise. (below)

I decided to use some of my dream fastpass tabs now I hit the Jungle Cruise, our boats skipper was ok, not great, he seemed like he had enough enthusiasm, it must be challenging to keep delivering those lines over and over though. After that I took the opportunity to enjoy my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction Splash Mountain, it was less than 20 minutes between the last photo I took on the Jungle Cruise and the first one I took on Splash Mountain, I suspect it was more like 10 minutes from getting off one boat to boarding the next.

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