June 2007

A Magic (Kingdom) Ending

As I headed into the park the flag retreat ceremony was alreay underway, so no recording of that this trip since my recording of it from Friday was in the "lost" material. Still I could hardly be dissapointed I got SO MUCH recorded the past few days! I did however manage to get a video of the march offstage, and a photo.

wdw-06-17-07 444 (62K)

With this ceremony wrapped up just about the only live entertainment left for the day would be a few sets by the Main Street piano man though at this point I didn't have Steve Soares schedule with me so it was simply a matter of knowing that the piano mens schedule usually runs a bit later that made me peek around the corner and discover that Jim was back! Since I had lost the sets of him from Friday this was really nice to see as this would give me sets by both Jim and Mark this trip, still in somehow managed to not get this set of Jim, I just chalk this one up to a long day since I'm pretty sure it has to be just something I did wrong, still I did at least get a video of him again, so that was cool.

wdw-06-17-07 445 (65K) wdw-06-17-07 446 (58K) wdw-06-17-07 447 (52K) wdw-06-17-07 448 (55K)

Above: Jim plays The Entertainer (with the "almost done" ending).

wdw-06-17-07 449 (59K)

After Jims set ended I wasn't quite sure what to do next, he had mentioed that he would have another set. I figured I might come back, but I don't think I was too sure about it as I thought I had just recorded him, I just decided to look around at some of the lands in the Magic Kingdom that I hadn't spent much time in on this trip, take some photos and see what caught my eye, I'm actually pretty happy witht the photos I got while doing this.

wdw-06-17-07 450 (67K) wdw-06-17-07 451 (67K) wdw-06-17-07 452 (59K) wdw-06-17-07 453 (51K)

Above and Below: Real Palms and "Robopalms" in Tomorrowland.

wdw-06-17-07 454 (45K) wdw-06-17-07 455 (55K) wdw-06-17-07 456 (94K)

Above and Below: An interesting Speaker box and the lighting fixture it is part of.

wdw-06-17-07 457 (83K) wdw-06-17-07 458 (64K)

Above and Below: It's always nice to spend a few minutes with Sonny.

wdw-06-17-07 459 (52K)

Above: As Sonny Videos go this ones not much, but it gave me a few minutes to relax in the Air Conditioned surroundings.

wdw-06-17-07 461 (66K) wdw-06-17-07 462 (62K)

Above and Below: Just a few things that caught my eye in the Dumbo attraction area.

wdw-06-17-07 465 (54K) wdw-06-17-07 466 (83K) wdw-06-17-07 467 (83K) wdw-06-17-07 468 (86K)

At Liberty Square I stopped in the Christams shop to look for something my wife remembered seeing there in the past they didn't have it but I was happy to look for it for her, also I gave her a call at this point so we could meet up in a bit at the TTC I figured she might need a wake-up call ;-) . A few years ago they built a bridge from the "quiet area" behind Liberty Square over to the walway that leads into Adventureland, I recently heard what the rationale behind this was and now it makes perfect sense to me, you see every time they get ready for a parade the bridge into Liberty Square from the hub closes this left cast members having to tell folks they had to either hike way around to the Tomoorowland side or backtrack all the way to Adventureland, you can just imagine the iserey this would cause for tired folks jsut wanting to leave in the crowded hot part of the day, or too tired to saty for the evening parade now they can just direct them off to the side where this bridge funnels them on out a much better solution for something that must have been a daily problem for YEARS before they did this.

wdw-06-17-07 469 (54K) wdw-06-17-07 470 (60K)

Between the picture above and the picture below I stopped and listened to Piano Man Mark playing his last set of the day, but this time I got no pictures or video, weird huh, Either I get pictures and vid but no audio or I get audio but no pictures and video,

Piano Man Jim 6:15 set

wdw-06-17-07 471 (61K) wdw-06-17-07 472 (54K)
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