June 2007

Swan and Dolphin

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Below: As I got closer to the Swan hotel I took a look back that shows the distance covered from the bridge that carries the road that crosses between the studios and the Epcot area resorts.

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Above and below: I really like the look of the Boardwalk resort, the colors the flags, and in this case this nice little garden tucked in between the building and the canal, oh and the location between Epcot and the Studios isn't bad either!

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Above and Below: At this point the trail merges into the wider paths that feed guests into the resorts around Crescent Lake a right turn here would take us to the Boardwalk yet a few paces ahead theres a gateway to which the right is the path to the Yacht and Beach clubs, and to the left are the Swan and Dolphin resorts.

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Above: one of the recreational opportunites at these resorts in addition to the boat rentals is the rental of Bicycles or even these four wheeled bicycle surreys (or should that be quadricycle surreys?)
Below: A Friendship pulls into the Marina at the Swan and Dolphin from Crescent Lake, Will I guess her identity correctly from her colors? watch and see! also at this point I back tracked, just a bit, towards the Swan and Dolphin to get a few photos of her at dock.

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Above: Ok, even if you didn't watch the video earlier on this page you shold know what the designation of this Red over Teal vessel is now.

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Above and Below: Although I don't recall if I saw any security offices AS I took the walk from the studios, it's nice to know that they patrol that walkway.

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Above and Below: Additionally it apears there are patrols on the water here too, which only makes sense with all those rental craft out on the waters.

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Above and Below: View of Crescent lake from the bridge between it and the marina of the Starwood hotels (Swan and Dolphin).
Below: A pedal surrey approaces the "I think I can" section of the circut around the lake.

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