June 2007

Horsin Around/ Main Street Philharmonic

For the set by Piano Man Mark Sound from this page is in an episode of my podcast To open the sound file now,you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive. http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp31.mp3
SHOW NOTES Episode 31 Piano Man Mark

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After wandering down Main Street and taking a few photos I returned to Caseys' corner for another set of ragtime piano, while I was recording another set of Piano Man Mark I noticed this baby duck, the guy who came and sat down at the table didn't even notice them at all until the two small children from a nearby table started following the ducks on around to the walkway. Strangely I didn't get a photo of Mark this set, BUT, I did get a two-song video, still here's the song list for the set:

wdw-06-16-07 195 (76K)

Now the man in the photo above has a very specialized trash can for a very specialized job. You see this man cleans up after the horses on Main Street U.S.A. Now this next bit I'm not certain of because I didn't ask, but am sort of half guessing based on murky recollections from other trips, I think that they use absorbent material to soak up the liquid messes so I suppose that can may be divided into two spaces inside one side for the clean, absorbent material and the other side for the soiled material.

wdw-06-16-07 196 (50K) wdw-06-16-07 197 (48K) wdw-06-16-07 198 (50K) wdw-06-16-07 199 (47K)

While waiting I took a look in through the car barn door (there was a rope up to keep you from going in but to still let you look). I also took a look in the Firehouse gift shop, I liked the shirt in the photo below.

wdw-06-16-07 200 (43K) wdw-06-16-07 201 (60K) wdw-06-16-07 201a (61K) wdw-06-16-07 202 (96K) wdw-06-16-07 203 (93K) wdw-06-16-07 204 (93K) wdw-06-16-07 205 (91K) wdw-06-16-07 206 (89K)

As it approached noon the Horse drawn carriage came in from it's last circuit as did their clean up man. Now it was time for the band to come out.

wdw-06-16-07 207 (55K) wdw-06-16-07 208 (57K) wdw-06-16-07 209 (59K) wdw-06-16-07 210 (60K) wdw-06-16-07 211 (78K) wdw-06-16-07 212 (77K)

I enjoyed hearing a "regular set" of the Main Street Philharmonic (that's regular as opposed to the use of the band in the Family fun Day Parade or Flag Retreat ceremonies). I even think I'd like to catch a few more sets by them just to see what other songs they do. This set was fairly short just four songs and one of those I've heard them do before as part of the Family Fun Day Parade, though it seems that "Strike up the Band" may be a sort of theme song for them so that's understandable.

Above and Below: Two video portions of songs the beginning of the South Rampart Street Parade (above) and the end portion of Hold That Tiger (below).
wdw-06-16-07 213 (81K) wdw-06-16-07 214 (80K)
Above and Below: The guest helping out in these photos is participating in the bands rendition of Hold That Tiger.
wdw-06-16-07 215 (79K) wdw-06-16-07 216 (68K)
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