June 2007

Motor (Launch) Maina

WDW06-15-07 146 (71K)
Above: The Cruiser Mermaid I.
WDW06-15-07 147 (42K) WDW06-15-07 148 (65K) WDW06-15-07 149 (56K)
Above: The Motor Launch Mariner
Below: The Motor Launch Adventurer

adventurer (75K) WDW06-15-07 151 (65K)

As it was getting on towards dinner and the Live entertainment acts at the Magic Kingdom had pretty much run thier course for the day I headed on out of the park. After taking a few photos of some of the Motor Lauinches and cruisers I wanted to head to the Polynesian before heading to the parking lot so I boarded the Motor Luanch on the Grand Floridian/Polynesian/Magic Kingdom route, as I borded I asked the captain something about the launch and he answered it and was so friendly and informative that I struck up a bit of a conversation with him it turns out that he was a former Friendship captian too and so I mentioned my list of Frienships that list thier color schemes, it was a nice trip across the lagoon the sun was getting low.

WDW06-15-07 152 (50K) WDW06-15-07 153 (49K) WDW06-15-07 154 (59K) WDW06-15-07 155 (55K) WDW06-15-07 156 (73K) WDW06-15-07 157 (47K)
Above: The Cruiser Castaways
WDW06-15-07 158 (42K) WDW06-15-07 159 (56K) castaways (44K) WDW06-15-07 162 (46K) WDW06-15-07 163 (40K) WDW06-15-07 164 (41K)

WDW06-15-07 165 (55K) WDW06-15-07 166 (60K) WDW06-15-07 168 (45K) WDW06-15-07 169 (62K) WDW06-15-07 170 (52K)
Below: completing the Cruiser hat trick for this page (there ARE only THREE of them) the Bon Voyage (or Bonnie for short)
WDW06-15-07 171 (52K)
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